‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Eric Christian Olsen’s Wife Posts Amazing ‘Photo Dump’ of Idaho Family Vacation

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney)

While most families head to the beach for their summer vacations, NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen and his family prefer to escape to the woods. Recently, on Instagram, Olsen’s wife, Sarah Wright, posted a “photo dump” of their family’s trip to Idaho. Wright wrote in the caption that the vacation was full of “Family, milkshakes, many firsts, mountains, long walks, campfire dinners, favorite coffee shop, cold creek plunge, hidden lakes, favorite foods, sunset golf sessions, rainbows…”.

Sarah Wright Shares Sneak Peek of Family Adventures

Milkshakes: In the second picture in the “photo dump,” NCIS: Los Angeles star’s wife Sarah Wright smiles beside one of her relatives who holds baby Winter Story. The 10-month-old baby girl reaches for one of the milkshakes, as if to say, “Put down the phone and give me a sip!”

Long walks: The next photo features Wright with Winter in a baby carrier. Strolling beside mother and daughter are two more relatives, one with the same blond hair and bright smile as Wright.

Cold creek plunges: Despite the fact that it’s summertime, Idaho water will still make you feel like it’s December. But the NCIS: Los Angeles star, Eric Christian Olsen didn’t seem to care. His wife captured a snapshot of a shirtless and muscular Olsen jumping into a chilly, rippling creek with his shoes still on. Just looking at the leap makes goosebumps run down our spines.

Family: Further in the Instagram post, fans of NCIS: Los Angeles recognize a familiar face among the Olsen crowd. It’s Olsen’s co-star and in-show wife, Daniela Ruah. If you didn’t know, Wright and Ruah are actually sisters-in-law. In 2014, Ruah married her co-star’s older brother, David Paul Olsen. Now a part of the Olsen clan, Ruah joined the family on the Idaho getaway. In Wright’s photo, the sisters hug close while sharing a drink in front of the cabin.

In the NCIS: Los Angeles wife’s photo, she claims the post is just the first edition of the Idaho-centered collages. We’re anxiously awaiting to see what other adventures the family will share in their next post.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Teaches Son Unique Lesson on Environmentalism

As you can tell from the family’s voyage to Idaho, NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen and his wife value the environment and what it offers. Because of their love for nature, they’ve decided to instill the same respect in their children.

Back when his oldest child, Wyatt Oliver, was just two years old, Olsen taught him a valuable lesson on environmentalism. While Olsen potty-trained his son, they went on “pee adventures” together, as he explained on an episode of CONAN. At the time, the family lived in California, and the state was facing a severe drought.

“We’d go outside, and we’d pee in the bushes,” Olsen explained. “Because that saves the environment, right? We’re saving water, and so also it gets him excited about peeing not in a diaper.”

Although an unusual way to potty-train, the method was effective. Now, among their three children, they have a seven-year-old who knows how to use the toilet and is conscious of his impact on the environment. That’s more than some people three times the young Olsen’s age can say.