‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Teases Return From the Dead Through ‘Loophole’

by Anna Dunn

The NCIS franchise kills off some fan-favorite characters from time to time. After all, you have to keep people on their toes. NCIS: Los Angeles is no exception, but Andrea Bordeaux’s character, Special Agent Harley Hidoko, was especially beloved by fans after joining NCIS: Los Angeles in Season 9.

Fans were devastated when the Hidoko died on a mission in Mexico. But Bordeaux told Express UK that she wouldn’t be opposed to making a return and that there are “loopholes” that could explain away her death.

In a tragic sequence of events, the team tried to track Special Agent Hidoko after her tracker went offline, only to find human remains. DNA tests confirmed that the body was their beloved co-worker’s. When asked about a return, Bordeaux joked that she had no control.

“You have to ask the showrunner about that because I have no say,” She laughed. Besides, with a DNA test confirming the body was Hidoko’s, a return could be hard to pull off. But Bordeaux explained there could be some loopholes to explore.

“I think there are like some loopholes that are available if they ever want to if they ever want to [bring Hidoko back].”

While it may be hard to pull off in the writer’s room, it sounds like Bordeaux is totally game to return to the NCIS: Los Angeles set. There’s a potential chance to do so for sure now, as the show has been picked up for another season.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Will Continue for a 13th Season

Whether or not Hidoko returns, fans can rest assured they will get more episodes of their favorite show coming soon. CBS officially renewed the series for a 13th season. Not all NCIS series made the cut this year, either. CBS canceled NCIS: New Orleans. And shifted up the franchise by adding the new NCIS: Hawaii to the roster.

So unlike Special Agent Harley Hidoko, the characters in NCIS: New Orleans won’t have a chance to return to the screen. The NCIS: New Orleans cast had a bitter-sweet last day.

“The last episode of a seven-year series has all kinds of light shining on it,” Scott Bakula, who played Special Agent Dwayne Pride, told TV insider. “People gave speeches, bumped elbows. They had their masks on. It was bittersweet: We shot 16 episodes and are proud of the season, but it was goodbye — and from a distance.”

No actor likes saying goodbye to their characters. For Bordeaux, hopefully, NCIS: Los Angeles finds a way to bring her character back. Now, they have a whole season to figure out how.