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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: There Are Still Many Unanswered Questions About Hetty’s Secret Mission

by Jonathan Howard
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Although she might be older, NCIS: Los Angeles leader Hetty is still out on missions. Her latest secret excursion has us asking some questions, though.

We know that Hetty was looking at a map of Syria before she took off. She packed some weapons up, said her goodbyes, and she’s been gone since. Right now, Admiral Kilbride has stepped up and is in charge of things at the LA office. That has added a very interesting dynamic to things.

With help from our friends at TV Insider, let’s go over some questions that Hetty’s mission has us asking. First thing first, what is going on with Zasha and when are we going to see her again? Callen sent her to spy on Hetty, so we don’t know if she is going to report back, or if her report will be good or tragic.

If Zasha does come back with news about Hetty and her mission, when is the rest of the team going to get involved? Right now, the storyline with Hetty and even Zasha is at a standstill. With other, pressing matters going on in the city it is hard for the NCIS: Los Angeles team to break off and finish up this arc. However, it could be just around the corner.

Before they can do anything, Kilbride is going to have to approve any sort of rescue mission. Does that mean the team might have to go around authority and do the mission of their own volition? If Kilbride denies them, it is likely.

The last two questions for NCIS: Los Angeles have to be about Hetty. Are we going to see someone from her past get involved? And, is she just going to be fine without needing any help in the first place?

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Kilbride Did Not Approve of Hetty’s Mission

Before she left, Hetty let Kilbride know what was going on. While she has the experience and a wealth of knowledge, doing a mission at her age like that could be very risky. Even a younger team member might have trouble. She explained to Kilbride why she had to go on the trip.

“I think I have to go,” she said after explaining her “short business trip” to him. He had a stern warning for Hetty. However, despite his words, she wouldn’t change her mind.

“I will sign the order, but if you make it worse, you will be sacrificed for the sake of diplomacy, and if you do something really stupid and find yourself in a cage again, you will be disavowed,” he said to her.

NCIS: Los Angeles is heading for the midseason finale, and then fans will have to wait until the spring. Questions about Hetty will float around until this storyline is figured out.