‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: What is Eric Christian Olsen’s Net Worth?

by Jonathan Howard

For over ten years, NCIS: Los Angeles has entertained with stars Eric Christian Olsen and LL Cool J. As Detective Marty Deeks, Olsen has been a fixture in the show for over a decade. Acting on a long-running television show can be lucrative. Starring in a long-running series can be very lucrative. Olsen has raked in on the show’s popularity.

Throughout the seasons, stars and characters have been written and “killed” off the show. However, Olsen has managed to remain since season one. For an actor playing a naval crimes detective on primetime television, the pay isn’t too bad. Olsen’s net worth is estimated at $13 million. While NCIS made him well-known, Olsen got his acting chops much earlier on other well-known TV shows.

Before he was starring in movies, Eric Christian Olsen portrayed a dying burn victim on ER. The performance on the legendary medical drama was submitted for an Emmy. Soon after, Olsen started to star in teen comedies. Olsen is known for his role as Austin in Not Another Teen Movie and played Jake in The Hot Chick. As a young actor, Olsen found himself in many familiar roles. Around 2006 Olsen started to diversify his roles and play more dramatic parts.

There were various other roles that Olsen played throughout the 2000s. He appeared on television and in movies often leading up to his role in NCIS. Recently, Olsen has gotten into writing. Back in 2019, Olsen wrote episode 250 of NCIS: Los Angeles. That episode was titled, Mother.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Risked It All

At a net worth of $13 million, Eric Christian Olsen has made a good living. After working for over 20 years in Hollywood, Olsen has worked hard for what he’s earned. Born in 1977 in Eugene, Oregon, Olsen comes from relatively humble roots. Later in his life, his father, Paul Olsen was a professor of English and coached track at Augustana College in Illinois. The small D3 school sits in the community of Rock Island.

When Olsen made the move to California, he had some acting experience. Olsen played sports and made his way through high school. Occasionally, Olsen went to local theatre performances and improv classes. After he moved to Los Angeles, Olsen found himself in a tight situation. With just $500, the NCIS: Los Angeles star has had quite the come up.

Throughout his career, Olsen has cut his teeth and made his own way. Ever since 2009 NCIS: Los Angeles has been a success. The first spinoff of NCIS, the franchise has grown greatly in the last decade. Not only is there Los Angeles, but there is also a New Orleans spin-off as well. This September, NCIS: Hawaii will debut. The series will be the first NCIS that wasn’t backdoored through another series.