‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Wishes Star Caleb Castille a Happy Birthday with a ‘Million-Dollar Smile’

by Leanne Stahulak

“NCIS: Los Angeles” star Caleb Castille celebrated a special milestone birthday today. The actor left his 20s behind to fully embrace being 30.

The show gave the Devin Rountree actor a special shoutout on both their Instagram and Twitter pages. They posted a photo of Castille grinning from ear to ear, a look of pure joy on his face.

“A million-dollar smile for a very special day — If you haven’t wished Caleb Castille a happy birthday yet, what are you waiting for??” the official “NCIS: Los Angeles” account captioned the post.

Castille ate up all the love and support from earlier today. On Instagram, he commented on the “NCIS” post, “ALL MY LOVE TO THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” He also quotes tweeted the show’s message on Twitter and said, “THANKS FOR THE BDAY LOVE.”

Several fans jumped on both posts to wish the “NCIS” star a happy birthday.

“Wow his birthday is the same day as mine 😃 HAPPY BDAY and have an amazing day,” one fan commented.

The American Forces Network tweeted, “Happy Birthday @CalebCastille! We look forward to seeing you and the @NCISLA team back on AFN this fall! #NCISLA | #ForTheTroops.”

‘NCIS: Los Aneles’ Star LL Cool J Says Cast is a ‘Knighthood’

From everyone’s social media accounts, it’s pretty clear that the “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast gets along as well as any family. But back in 2017, LL Cool J had an interview with Seat42F about how sometimes it also feels like a “knighthood.”

“These guys really see themselves as knights. It’s a knighthood, females included, all of them see themselves as knights, see themselves as people who are part of the honored tradition of making sure that they protect the innocent and get rid of the bad guys,” the “NCIS” star explained.

LL Cool J also talked to the outlet about the evolution of his character, Sam Hanna, over the course of the show.

“I think you grow and evolve and become — I don’t know if relaxed is the right word — but more accustomed and acclimated to the pressures of that life,” LL Cool J said. “I think the character becomes acclimated to what’s going on and the pressures, but my character has grown because the sense of family has deepened. His sense of honor has deepened.” Honor, circling back to that “knighthood” analogy.

The star also talked about how character arcs differ between television and film.

“In a film, the script does it for you because the arc of the character takes you on a journey. And because of the script, you find that depth automatically. Whereas with these shows, the arc is so much longer,” LL Cool J said. “It’s so much longer and the journey is extended so much more that you just grow roots as you go along. You become more and more rooted in what it’s doing, but the branches come later. They do. The writers challenge you. It tests you. It’s a constant test…”