‘NCIS’: Is Marcie Warren Actress Pam Dawber a Friend or Enemy in Upcoming Season 19?

by Suzanne Halliburton

An interesting NCIS theory is developing as fans of the drama look for something to obsess about until the show returns for the fall.

So, here’s the latest theory. Is Marcie, the investigative journalist, the real serial killer? Is she the one who blew up Gibbs’ boat as he drove across the lake at the end of the NCIS finale last month? All we know that Gibbs still is alive and that he swam away from the wreckage.

There’s a thread on Reddit called “Can we Chat About Marcie?”

The evidence is the fact there is no evidence, no potential name of a killer, no motive, not even a far-fetched one. It’s all very vague. We know that Marcie (Pam Dawber) and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) were working on a case of a possible serial killer. This investigation was a side plot in four episodes. Pam Dawber is the real-live wife of Mark Harmon, so NCIS fans got excited about her casting.

Gibbs was serving a suspension from the NCIS office, so he had time to putter around with his boat in the basement and spend time with Marcie, sifting through clues.

During the finale, Gibbs discovered a listening device in his home. Marcie was with him when he plucked it out of a plant. In the NCIS scene, Gibbs cranked up the music — Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream was playing. Gibbs told us then he loved the song. Then he started to scribble notes to Marcie. He told her to “walk away” and “don’t be the story” when Marcie asked if she was in danger.

Stick with Us, Does This NCIS Theory Make Sense?

The basic message was the serial killer planted the device because Marcie and Gibbs were getting too close to uncovering his/her identity.

Later in the episode, Marcie found Gibbs at a lake where one of the bodies supposedly was dumped. He wanted to go explore some more. That’s probably why he retrieved his boat from the basement to cruise the lake. Then the NCIS finale ended with a big blast. Except we know Gibbs didn’t die and the explosion was some sort of head fake.

So here’s the post creating some tremendous NCIS fan buzz. Someone named ptazdba posted:

“It took a couple of her appearances for me to get into what they were trying to do with her. Things they haven’t explained: Why did she zero in on Gibbs for his story and why did he trust her enough to give it to her. It smelled of a setup from the gitgo.”

“Who planted the bugs and why? Who was following Gibbs and why?”

“They’ve been very vague about this serial killer and I am not quite sure why it has become something on Gibbs’ radar. Did Gibbs blow up his own boat or did someone else (Marcie or the killer they’re supposedly tracking). So glad they showed he was alive, but he was clearly staging his death if he blew it up. The remark about the pine cone seemed to correspond with the place the boat blew up.”

Does this sound like a plausible NCIS theory? Or, as one fan described Pam Dawber: “She does come off as clean… too clean. Gibbs’ character has 17.9 episodes of him not being a fool, why now? “