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‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Beautifully Detailed His Wife’s Proud Reaction to Seeing Their Son on Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Ron Wolfson/WireImage)

He is the young version of a familiar face on “NCIS.” In seven episodes of the hit CBS series, actor Sean Harmon can be seen portraying a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

There is another piece that makes the young actor’s mug a little more recognizable. He actually IS a young version of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s character. The young actor is the son of Harmon and his wife, fellow actor, Pam Dawber.

It’s an exciting role to take on, but one person is most excited about Sean’s “NCIS” appearances. His mother.

“More than anything, she’s a mom, and there’s a pride there involved in that,” Mark Harmon said of his wife’s proud reaction to her son’s role on the hit CBS television series during an interview with ET.

Both Sons of the “NCIS” Star Fill Their Parents With Pride

During the conversation, Harmon noted that while the idea of bringing his son onto the series to play a young Gibbs, it was Sean who decided to read for the role. Harmon added that, along with his wife, he feels a sense of pride about both of his sons. The couple’s youngest son Ty has found a spot in the industry as well, dabbling in a bit of screenwriting over the years.

In the interview, the actor mentioned that the proud mother does have quite a bit of pride in Sean’s “NCIS” acting gig, her pride runs deeper than just the fame.

“Separate from anything as an actor, you hopefully take pride in who people are individually away from any camera just as people, as citizens,” Harmon said in the interview. “And both our boys have done well and hopefully made smart choices and are doing well daily, you know?”

As Long as The Kids are Happy, The Parents are Happy

Harmon told ET that he and his wife are happy their sons are finding happiness, showbusiness or not. Harmon noted that each day gives the parents something to praise the boys about. Even Sean’s television role.

“Day by day, we have a lot of reasons to be proud of both of them,” Harmon said. “This is part of that.”

This is becoming a family thing, even the proud mother has found a spot on “NCIS.” After years of resisting it, Pam Dawber is now a part of the hit show as well.

Last season, Dawber finally gave in, taking a role on “NCIS” as an investigative journalist named Marcie. Earlier in the show’s run, Pam Dawber said she has resisted taking a guest role on the CBS series. However, the actress knew that the role of Marcie would be hers as soon as she read it. Marcie will return to the series in the upcoming season as she and Gibbs continue to hunt for an elusive serial killer.