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‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Celebrates His 70 Birthday Early By Picking Up Vintage Truck Purchase

by Jennifer Shea
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

“NCIS” star Mark Harmon may be getting an early birthday present.

The actor showed up at a garage in the San Fernando Valley recently. Once there, he appeared to inspect a vintage white Ford F-250 truck, the Daily Mail reports. Harmon then drove off in it.

Harmon turns 70 on Sept. 2. Could the vintage truck be a birthday present?

Mark Harmon Showed Up in Casual Attire

With a reported salary of $525,000 per episode of “NCIS,” Harmon could certainly afford to dress up if he wanted to. But when he appeared in public to inspect the truck, the “NCIS” star kept it casual, pairing a flannel shirt over a white tee with khaki pants and sneakers.

Harmon was reportedly dropped off at the garage by his wife, “Mork & Mindy” star Pam Dawber. The couple has been married for 34 years.

Harmon is currently gearing up to portray special agent Leroy Gibbs in Season 19 of “NCIS.”

CBS Was Prepared to Cancel ‘NCIS’

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year that Harmon was done playing Gibbs and that the executive producer and actor was ready to try new things.

CBS responded with a vow to cancel “NCIS” if Harmon’s Gibbs was no longer part of it. That ultimatum drew Harmon back into negotiations, and he eventually agreed to return for a 19th season. CBS renewed “NCIS” in April.

But Harmon is reportedly set to appear in a limited number of episodes. The veteran actor is said to be ready to retire, at least from “NCIS.”

Show Closing In on ‘Longest-Running Series of All Time’ Title

As it reaches Season 19, “NCIS” is among the top longest-running primetime drama series of all time. It is after only “Law & Order: SVU” (22 seasons), “Law & Order” (20 seasons), and “Gunsmoke” (20 seasons) in line for that title.

The show is both CBS’s most-watched and its most expensive production, according to THR. It nets more than 12 million viewers per episode on a regular basis. But with the network having to shell out some serious money for each episode, executives have increasingly been weighing the costs and benefits of continuing “NCIS.” For now, they seem to have concluded that the latter outweigh the former.

Meanwhile, Harmon may be playing Gibbs reluctantly at this point, but at least he’ll get to drive to the studio in style.