‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon Passionately Explained How Much Work Show’s Cast Put in for Roles, Success

by Clayton Edwards

NCIS is one of the biggest shows on television. It has been on the air for nineteen years. In almost two decades, they have produced 18 seasons. For many, NCIS is the standard by which they judge all other shows of its kind. However, success like that doesn’t just happen. Even with an impressive team behind the camera and in front of it, success doesn’t come easily. As a result, everyone involved with the series comes to the set every day ready to put in the work to keep the show going. Mark Harmon knows all about how much work the show can be.

Mark Harmon is dedicated to NCIS. Harmon has been there since 2003. Then, in 2008, he became an executive producer. So, he knows exactly how much work goes into the series on both sides of the camera. He is also an integral part of the success of NCIS. In fact, he thought about quitting the show after its eighteenth season. However, he was informed that if he left the show it would most likely be canceled. He might have been tired of playing Agent Gibbs. However, he wasn’t about to let all of his fellow cast and crew members lose their jobs on his account. At the same time, he knew that there were millions of fans out there. If they canceled the show, they would all be disappointed.

Mark Harmon and a few other NCIS cast members, including Pauley Perrette, sat down with TV Guide to talk about the series back in 2012. During that interview, Harmon talked about the work they put in to make the show great.

Mark Harmon on the Hard Work Behind NCIS

When Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast sat down for that interview, NCIS was at its peak. It was number-one in viewership. After ten seasons, their hard work paid off. Since the tenth season, the show hasn’t left the top-five rankings in nationwide viewership. So, whatever they are doing is paying off in spades.

This success prompted Mark Harmon to discuss the work they put into the show. “I just think you can’t forget how hard everybody worked to get here. Most of the time, shows don’t work.” However, NCIS worked and, by all accounts, is still working today. Harmon went on to say, “I’m so clear on how we’ve earned this. I’m not confused at all. And, I’m not confused about what it’s gonna take to stay here. I don’t think anybody at this table is.”

Mark Harmon added that he knew it wouldn’t last forever. However, he had high hopes for the future of the show. “I mean, shows all end at some point,” Harmon said. “But, right now, there’s no end in sight for this one.”