‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon Explains the Joys of Working on the Series in 2014 Interview

by John Jamison
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

“NCIS” is one of the most successful crime dramas of all time. That in itself is a good enough reason to enjoy being involved with it. Since 2003, the long-running show has been entertaining audiences with the exploits of the NCIS Major Case Response Team. Under the leadership of Special Agent Gibbs, there isn’t a case they can’t solve.

Gibbs actor Mark Harmon has been playing the character for 18 years now. And back in 2014, he talked about how much he loved working on the show.

Regardless of the career, 18 years in the same position can get a little routine. Of course, many love what they do and wouldn’t take another job for the rest of their lives if they could avoid it. Mark Harmon falls somewhere in that group. In an interview with the late Larry King in 2014, the “NCIS” actor spoke on the question of whether or not he gets tired of playing his character.

“I don’t get tired of him. People ask ’cause we’ve been here a long time doing this. I think when it doesn’t feel fresh,” he said. “When the drive to work in the morning doesn’t feel like something you look forward to going to do every day, becomes a chore or a thought of even being a chore like that. I think it’s time to check yourself a little bit.”

Mark Harmon is living the dream. A man who loves what he does will never work a day in his life. And Harmon still loved Gibbs more than 10 years into the role.

The ‘NCIS’ Star Knows It Can’t Keep Going Forever

Fast forward another seven years, and Harmon seems happy as ever working on “NCIS.” The show is in the midst of a legendary run, rivaling the likes of “Law & Order: SVU.” But no primetime television series can go on forever. Even if “The Simpsons” seems determined to try. And Mark Harmon understands the finite nature of his role.

The “NCIS” star is determined to wring all of the satisfaction he can out of playing Gibbs alongside his co-stars before it comes to an end, however.

“But I like what I do,” he continued saying in his 2014 interview with Larry King. “And this group of people I work with, I admire and respect. And this group of actors and creative people. I don’t think any show is forever. And I think they all end at some point. But for right now this is a really great place to work.”

With Season 19 set to premiere this fall, Harmon still has plenty of time to enjoy his workplace.