‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Once Revealed Hilarious Stories About His Childhood to Joan Rivers

by Megan Molseed

In 1986 “NCIS” star, Mark Harmon was named the sexiest man alive. During an interview with Joan Rivers, we learned a little bit more about the actor shortly after he was given that title. 

He may have been named the sexiest man alive by “People” magazine in 1986, but Harmon told Joan Rivers that when he was little, his sisters loved to pick on their younger brother.

“You have two sisters who are just killers,” Rivers raved during the interview. “Beautiful, beautiful sisters!” 

“Not to me!” the NCIS actor exclaimed. “When I was really little, they used to get me down to my underwear, they’d tie me up on the bed and put lipstick on and they’d kiss me.” 

The actor went on to say neither sister would admit which sister did it as they grew up. 

“I ask them about it now they said ‘she did it!’ and the other one says ‘she did it! But they both did it,” Harmon laughed. 

Harmon May Be A Charmer, But the NCIS Star Did Not Always Charm His Father

Despite his older sister’s picking on their younger brother, the “NCIS” actor says that the Harmon family was always very close. 

“My dad insisted on that,” Harmon said when Joan Rivers asked if the family was close. However, noted Harmon, there were different standards for him than there were for his sisters. 

“I got more beatings than most of them,” he joked. 

Harmon wasn’t a bad kid, he explains to the television personality, he was just into a lot of mischief. 

Harmon related a story when he was six years old and he knocked out a friends front tooth.

“I heard the phone ring and I heard my dad yell, ‘Mark!’” the actor explains, adding that he knew he was in trouble when his dad says his name. “It’s usually hotdog or burrhead or something like that.” 

Young Mark Harmon Gave His Father Quite the Chase!

The “NCIS” star tells Joan Rivers that the key was to stay away from his father when he was in trouble. 

Harmon describes a scene where he ran from his father in a circle in the family’s home, avoiding his fate as long as he could. 

“So I ran,” Harmon said over laughter. “What I was doing was working my dad up, and I didn’t know that!” 

Eventually, the actor explains that he decided to avoid his punishment by diving under the bed. Harmon remembers thinking, at first, that he believed it was the smartest plan. Until that is, his father lifted the bed to pull him out. 

“I got tired, I dove under the bed,” the “NCIS” star explains. “My dad like would go and reach and I’d roll,” the star continued. Adding that after a while, he realized his plan wasn’t so great. 

All of a sudden, said Harmon, he saw light as his dad simply lifted the bed to drag young Mark Harmon out from underneath. “As he was dragging me out I remember thinking, ‘this is the dumbest idea!’”