‘NCIS’: Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and Other Stars Shared Tender Moment After Unveiling Show in 2003

by Amy Myers

While NCIS is a crime drama that revolves around, well crime, the hit series also features its fair share of heartfelt and humorous moments. And with so many dark crimes and concepts the show covers, that’s a tough balance to achieve.

However, the series accomplishes this equilibrium flawless, not through the different cases they cover but because of the characters themselves. Because of each character’s depth, the show becomes more about the relationships they develop and the personal problems they navigate. Meanwhile, the crimes become the backdrop in which it all occurs. According to the show’s alumnus, Michael Weatherly, the dedication the actors feel towards NCIS was present the very first day.

Michael Weatherly, who portrayed Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, left the show several seasons ago. However, his character helped establish the type of camaraderie and interactions that still exists on the show now. DiNozzo, known for his sarcastic wit and fierce dedication to the team, quickly became a favorite among fans.

He always seemed to chime in at the perfect moment when everyone needed a bit of comedic relief. Paired with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, portrayed by Mark Harmon, the two made a quirky and effective duo. For many NCIS fans, that’s what made it difficult to watch Weatherly leave the show.

‘NCIS’ Former Star Described Carnegie Hall Experience

In a past conversation with Assignment X, Weatherly reflected on one of the very first moments he had with NCIS co-stars Mark Harmon, Pauly Perrette and David McCallum. He described the moment when he and his fellow cast members attended Carnegie Hall to introduce the show in 2003.

“There was this moment as we walked out where, I don’t know who took who’s hands first, but the four of us held hands, sort of organically,” the NCIS star shared. “You can’t design that stuff. And we all got to the lip of the stage and looked at each other and had this moment of connectivity.”

Weatherly explained that Harmon’s words at Carnegie Hall were the “glue” that held the show together. According to the star, Harmon told advertisers, “We are going to give you a show that’s the best show we can deliver, and that’s our promise to you.”

That was the moment when Weatherly knew he was a part of something special.

“And I think the four of us felt there was something different and really special about Mark’s attitude, and it imbued us together with a sense of, we were bound together in that moment,” Weatherly said.

Although Weatherly is no longer a part of the show, NCIS fans still remember his character fondly. Detective DiNozzo was a vital part of the series’ development and the relationships the remaining characters still have. And with how deep a connection the co-stars have off-camera, it’s safe to say they will always have a place in their hearts for him as well.