‘NCIS’: Meet Mark Harmon’s Two Sons

by Amy Myers

Like most TV stars, Mark Harmon of crime drama NCIS has a family back home waiting for him when he’s not on set. However, unlike many stars, Harmon makes a point of prioritizing his family, especially his two sons Sean and Ty.

‘NCIS’ Star Chooses Family Over Hollywood

According to Closer Weekly, Mark Harmon’s first son, Sean, arrived a year after his father and mother, Pam Dawber, wed. Dawber, like Harmon, is a successful actress. Her most notable roles is Mindy McConnell on Mork & Mindy, an American sitcom that aired in the late 70s and early 80s. The star couple had their second child, Ty, when Sean was four-years-old.

Despite being a Hollywood power couple, the NCIS star and his wife purposefully kept their private life, well, private. Even before the couple tied the knot, they were adamant about keeping the press at arm’s length.

“We’re not trying to keep something secret,” Dawber said, “But if you don’t want it totally exploited by the press, you have to.”

As the young family began to raise their two boys, the order of their priorities was never in question. Family first—always.

NCIS’ Harmon even did an interview with TV Insider discussing the relationship between his personal and professional lives.

“It’s not even a choice,” he told the publication in 2017. “It’s who we are. We stay home. A lot. I’m not a Twitter guy or a Facebook guy. Our sons aren’t into that either. Pam and I have both made a living in this business, and still, there’s a part of that that’s just not natural.”

Dawber readily agreed with her husband.

“Notice you don’t see us in the magazines,” the actress said. “When you’re married, that’s real life. And to go and plaster your kids… I’m sorry. I’m not for that.”

Sean and Ty Harmon Are Making Their Father Proud

The very fact that most fans of NCIS wouldn’t recognize the Harmon sons’ names, let alone their faces, is a testament to their parents’ success in keeping their family low-profile. However, just because Sean and Ty aren’t household names doesn’t mean they aren’t also successful in their own rights.

In fact, both the Harmon boys have made careers for themselves in Hollywood, one of which even sharing the set with his pop.

Sean Harmon (33) has made appearances in several popular shows, including CSI: NYNCIS: Los AngelesMajor CrimesHold On, and yes, NCIS. Outside of his on-screen performances, Sean has also found success in directing and as a stuntman.

While Sean is quite comfortable in front of cameras, the Harmons’ younger son, Ty (28), prefers to be behind the scenes as a screenwriter. Thankfully for his parents, Ty’s career does a better job at keeping him out of the public eye.

Despite the brothers’ differences in career path, they still found a chance to work together on set. In 2012, Sean worked as director and Ty a screenwriter for the gory thriller, Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown. While perhaps not the most thought-provoking project, the movie shows that the boys are continuing their parents’ philosophy. Family will always come first.