‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Provides Hilarious ‘Key’ Detail to His Role in 1992 Car Commercial

by Katie Maloney

Every actor gets their start somewhere, and for ‘NCIS’ star Michael Weatherly, that somewhere was commercials. Weatherly recently shared a link to one of his very first acting gigs, and it’s everything “NCIS” fans ever needed. No, it’s not an Anthony DiNozzo/ Ziva David spin-off series. But it is equally as cute. The video is a 1992 commercial during which a baby-faced young Weatherly plays a guy working on his car.

Along with the video, Weatherly wrote a hilarious caption. He revealed that he wasn’t able to drive when he filmed the commercial. He wrote, “The key to this ad is that I had no driver’s license when we shot it… 1992 Chief Auto Parts Commercial.”

‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Starred In A Chief Auto Parts Commercial In 1992

The ‘NCIS’ star was only 24 years old when he filmed the commercial. And despite not legally being able to drive, Michael Weatherly confidently works on the car during the Chief Auto Parts commercial. During one scene, Weatherly sits in his garage while taking a break from auto mechanics. During his break, he talks about the benefits of purchasing car parts from Chief.

“I like working on my car as much as I like driving it,” says Weatherly. And when it comes to parts, the store I count on most often is Chief. It seems like they’re always doing something special for guys like me.”

The narrator for the commercial then advertises the Chief Memorial Day Sale. The company was running specials on Castrol motor oil and Peak summer coolant.

“Chief Auto Parts takes care of me like I take care of my car,” says Weatherly as the commercial fades to black. We don’t know about you all but we are ready to buy some oil and coolant! Thanks, young Michael Weatherly, for the suggestions!

How Are Fans Responding To The Throwback Video?

Everybody loves a good throwback video, especially when it’s from one of your favorite actors. Well, that’s certainly the case for “NCIS” fans. Weatherly shared the video on Monday and fans are already loving it.

One fan wrote, “I love how you find these jewels! Ok, no driver’s license at 24. You had been living in New York. I’d love to know, did you know anything about working on a car engine at all?”

Another user replied, “Wow! I hadn’t seen this lovely commercial before, how adorable, thanks for sharing! Do you like convertibles?”

One fan made a joke about Weatherly’s former ‘NCIS’ co-star Mark Harmon, who plays Gibbs on the show. They wrote, “Did you drive like Gibbs back then?”

One more fan complimented Weatherly’s acting skills. They wrote, “Excellent acting as a fully licensed driver…we’d expect nothing less.”