‘NCIS’: Michael Weatherly Revealed the Three Questions He’d Ask DiNozzo

by Megan Molseed

At the end of the 13th season of “NCIS,” actor Michael Weatherly hosted a Facebook Live chat. During the 2016 stream, Weatherly revealed quite a bit about his “NCIS” character, Tony Dinozzo

One of the things Weatherly discussed during the unique discussion was the three questions he would ask his character, would he have the chance. 

When asked what he would ask Tony Dinozzo if he could go out to dinner with the “NCIS” officer, Michael Weatherly listed three very good questions. 

The Three Things Weatherly Would Ask His ‘NCIS’ Character

The first question the actor would ask his character is: “How many people have you killed?” 

While there is no definitive answer to this question, one can assume that Dinozzo certainly has at least a few kills to count. 

Dinozzo worked as an “NCIS” Special agent and a Senior Agent for the Major Case Response Team during his time on the show. The “NCIS” character has also spent extensive amounts of time in undercover assignments. These assignments took Dinozzo to far-off places. One can also assume, the assignments also brought with them many adventures and a few dangerous situations.

The second question Weatherly would like to ask his character is: “What’s with the single bed?” 

Dinozzo is well known among the “NCIS” team as benign a “ladies man.” He was often seen flirting with many characters during his run on the show. For some, it was surprising then, that the character had a single-sized bed. One theory behind this, as reported in an Entertainment Weekly article is that the small space is very intentional. 

“He’s not inviting anyone else to share [the space] with him,” Weatherly told the outlet in 2012. “It’s a lonely image — but it’s also a very funny image.”

The third, and final question Weatherly wanted to ask Dinozzo is one that was answered not long after the Facebook live discussion: “ Did you ever hook up with Ziva?”

Ziva David was an agent on the show for eleven seasons. She and Dinozzo had a very special connection. There was often a “will-they, or won’t they” component to the pair’s relationship. The question of whether or not they “did” was answered at the end of season 13. At that time, Tony Dinozzo met Talia David-Dinozzo. Talia was the daughter conceived when the couple finally slept together prior to Ziva’s exit in season 11.