‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Actor Scott Bakula ‘Loved’ Working on Show with Wife Chelsea Field

by Taylor Cunningham

Chelsea Field played Rita Devereaux, the wife of Special Agent Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula), on CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans. And interestingly enough, the couple is also married in real life. 

Back in 2020, Field told TV Insider that playing a character who was in love with agent Pride came naturally. “Pride has a lot of characteristics that are essential to Scott,” she said. ” His integrity, his commitment to work, his maybe overreaching responsibility sometimes. Scott is an amazing human being … Sometimes I don’t even have to act!” she continued.

The couple shares two children, and just like their character on NCIS: New Orleans, they had a long courtship before tying the knot. The pair dated for 15 years before getting married in 2009.

In an interview with Country Living, Bakula admitted that he shares the same feelings as his wife. He enjoyed working with her on set and noted that she is a very talented actress.

“I love working with her. We’ve worked together a bunch before,” the actor said. “She makes me a better actor because she works more intensely and more deeply than I tend to work.”

Be sure to watch the series finale of NCIS: New Orleans to watch Pride and Field’s onscreen wedding.

Is there an ‘NCIS: Hawaii’ and ‘NCIS New Orleans’ Crossover in our Future?

The NCIS franchise continues to reign over prime time TV with the newest spinoff, NCIS: Hawaii debuting on CBS next month. The series will be the third continuation of the popular crime drama.

The new addition to the family will star Vanessa Lachey and Enver Gjokaj. The series will follow a team of Naval criminal investigators who work out of the Pearl Harbor Field Office. Lachey, who will play Special Agent Jane Tennant, will be the first leading field officer on an NCIS series.

NCIS: New Orleans came to an end in May of this year. And fans of the recently canceled show are buzzing with rumors of a Hawaii and New Orleans crossover. But is it just wishful thinking?

NCIS: NOLA producers Jan Nash and Christopher Silber will be working with the Hawaii crew. In an interview with TV Line, they addressed the rumors of a crossover.

“Never say never,” said Silber. “I’ll be a hundred percent honest with you, we are happy for all crossovers. It’s fun.”

Luckily fans won’t have to wait long to see if their favorite NOLA agents will make a cameo on the Hawaiian Islands. NCIS: Hawaii premiers on September 20th.