‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Declares ‘Outdoors is Full of Adventure,’ Shows Off His Kids’ Fishing Catch

by Jon D. B.

With photos of his two boys holding a baby alligator and a bass, the NCIS: New Orleans vet says “It is time for parents to turn their hearts toward their children.”

NCIS fans know it: Lucas Black and his family are true Outsiders!

“We get outside in God’s creation! The outdoors is full of adventure. It is time for parents to turn their hearts toward their children, Black begins on his Instagram Wednesday.

Within, he implores fellow parents to “Be engaged, be strategic and connect with your sons. The Bible says ‘The glory of sons is their fathers.’ Proverbs 17:6.”

And how does the NCIS: New Orleans star do so with his own boys? “We don’t watch tv, we don’t play video games… We get outside!!!”

Black shows proof, too, with two excellent shots of his boys. Firstly, his eldest holds a baby alligator in what looks like a wildlife education encounter (the gator’s little muzzle is taped for safety). In the next shot, his youngest holds a great largemouth bass catch! Check out the Black family’s latest adventure below courtesy of Lucas’ official Instagram:

“We play outside too! I’d rather have my kids nasty and tired after exploring beautiful Bama than playing on electronics all day!” replies NCIS: New Orleans fan Brynn. “It’s just me and my kids but I sure try to play both parent roles ❤️ really appreciate your honesty and faith!”

Ocala native Ashley responds that she’s “got a Gator about that size living in my front yard. He’s actually kind of cute and as long as he doesn’t stir up trouble he can stay! I always feel closest to God outdoors! ❤️”

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Lucas Black is a True Outsider

If the above didn’t convince you, this will! On New Orleans, Black played Christopher LaSalle, a character he describes as a true “Southern gentleman.”

In real life, however, NCIS: New Orleans‘ Lucas Black is a full-on Outsider! He recently angled himself a killer redfish, and his celebration with a fishing new video is a great watch for any fellow angler.

“New vid posted. Link in bio and story. I talk about my tackle and rod and reel setup! Also we cook Redfish on the half shell! Y’all enjoy!” posts the actor earlier in July.

Within, followers can catch (pun intended) up with Black as he reels in a fantastic-looking redfish. Or red drum, channel bass, or puppy drum – whichever they go by in your neck of the woods!

The NCIS: New Orleans actor delivers in his YouTube series, too. It’s available in the link above for your viewing pleasure. Give it a watch!