‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Posts Stunning Double Rainbow Pic With Moving Message

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Brian Dietzen has always been a fan-favorite on “NCIS.” He’s always managing to steal a scene and drop some stellar lines while doing his job as the chief medical examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer.

His motivational side seems to transfer over to real life as well. He recently posted a beautiful photo with an aspiring caption on his Instagram. His character is known for having a heart of gold, making that rainbow picture even more fitting.

“Everyone has their own rainstorms. Making it through the tough times can yield beautiful results. Keep at it. Keep going. :) Also, Happy Pride!”

Brian Dietzen Fan-Favorite Character

Believe it or not, Brian Dietzen was only going to appear in a single episode of “NCIS.” However, producers and executives fell in love with his character. They included him in several more episodes until he eventually became a regular cast member in 2012.

In real life, he is just as optimistic as his character. He also has a wife and two kids.

On “NCIS,” however, his fictional wife had quite the tragic, and far too real, death. The show fast-forwarded to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently battling. Dr. Jimmy Palmer’s wife, Breena, passed away from the deadly virus.

He arrived at the office in one episode and began distributing disinfectant products. He also shared that he had his mom living with him in order to help with parenting after the loss.

“In many ways, this episode turned out to be a recognition of people who have lost others during this pandemic. If you wanted to get more specific about it, it’s about our frontline workers and about people who have helped us deal with this pandemic going through their own trials and continuing to show up for the rest of us,” Brian Dietzen said to ET Online regarding the character’s death.

It was an interesting choice for writers to kill off Palmer’s wife. They didn’t want to lose anyone from the “NCIS” investigative team, so they instead chose a family member. Palmer is the most optimistic and pure-hearted person, which made the loss hit especially close to home for everyone.

‘NCIS’ Gibbs Rules

Although Dr. Palmer is known for being quite useful and optimistic, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) always has a new rule to share with his fellow team members.

As of now, there are conveniently 69 rules that he’s shared over the 18 seasons the show has been on. There’s likely more on the way for season 19 as well.

CBS has an entire compilation of all these Gibbs’ rules. Although, there are a few blanks here and there that are waiting to be filled. Some of the rules are related to the job, others are more personal.

For example, rule number 23 is, “never mess with a Marine’s coffee if you want to live.”

Meanwhile, he has work-related rules like “always work as a team,” “never go anywhere without a knife,” and “never date a co-worker.” The last rule has definitely been ignored by a lot of team members over the years, including Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David and Eleanor Bishop and Nick Torres.