‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Sounds Off on Mask Mandates in Schools

by Jacklyn Krol

NCIS: New Orleans alum Lucas Black spoke out about face mask mandates in schools.

On Monday, February 7, he tweeted his opinion to his followers.

“Finally kids are stepping up and not wearing mask[s] in schools. May all the students be bold and ditch the mask. #NoMaskMandates” he wrote.

The NCIS: New Orleans actor has previously spoken out about schools amid the pandemic.

“Explore homeschool! There are other options for you as a parent other than government-run schools. #academics #civilizedoversocialized,” he added.

He previously proclaimed that he is employed and that he is against face masks. “I don’t wear a mask ever,” he tweeted. He believes that “Masking people is not about their safety or yours.”

Black has previously questioned the scientists who have been researching the coronavirus. Since the pandemic began, he has been against face masks and the vaccine.

“Wait… wait… now the so called experts say ‘natural immunity granted stronger levels of protection.’ Well, well, all mandates should go away immediately. #nomaskmandate #novaccinemandate” he wrote. [It is important to note that the CDC refutes his claim.]

Beyond ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

For Lucas Black, the most important thing is family. He previously said that he would walk away from a successful career and television series for his family.

He previously starred on NCIS: New Orleans for six seasons as Christopher LaSalle until his character’s death. Despite the sadness from fans, his exit was needed. There wasn’t any drama or firing, it was his decision. He worried he was away from home too long during filming. He explained that he didn’t want to risk the health of his marriage or miss out on milestone moments with his kids.

“All throughout my career, there was a concern because I would observe how the entertainment industry would destroy families. … It was time, it was time for me to leave,” Black shared. “You can’t keep going at that pace and have a healthy marriage. It’s not sustainable.”

Now that he left the series, Lucas Black has had more time than ever to spend with his family. He has been documenting his family time on his social media accounts and fans can’t get enough of it. Black recently shared some home DIY projects like building shelves in his garage. The work led to an opportunity to teach his kiddos about hard work.

“This was not only a project to be more organized and have more storage, but to involve the kids and teach them some skills on how to use tools like a tape measure, level, drill, circular saw, sander, and paintbrush. The kids were eager to help and kept things interesting. Although, they may have made things go slower and a little messier it is all worth the lessons learned and the character traits built. And hey fellas, do you want to impress your wife and get a few extra kisses from the missus, then learn to be handy around the house. It is a manly quality that will not go unnoticed.”