‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Sparks Debate After Asking Followers If They’re ‘Ready to Homeschool’ Their Kids

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (July 30th) NCIS: New Orleans alum Lucas Black took to his Twitter account to spark a debate with his followers by asking them if they are thinking about homeschooling their kids.

“Are y’all ready to homeschool your children yet?” The former NCIS: New Orleans star states. The responses were obviously mixed, with some followers saying they believe that school is important for children and that everyone should get the vaccine in order to get everything back to normal.

Other followers also say that homeschooling is definitely an option that they are considering in order to avoid indoctrination education.

Lucas Black’s Twitter question may be a response to schools deciding whether or not they will require students to wear masks during in-person learning this upcoming school year. This is due to COVID-19 cases continuing to rise as the Delta-variant is spreading. Young children being highly vulnerable because they are unable to get the COVID-19 vaccine yet.

Black also claps back at those encouraging others to get the vaccine by stating, “If you get vaccinated, and it works, why are you so adamant that I have to get vaccinated for you to be ‘safe’?”

He also tweets, “Don’t let the companies or their leaders force you to get the ‘covid vaccine.’”

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Talks Current School Curriculum  

Last month, former NCIS: New Orleans star Lucas Black took to his social media accounts to share his thoughts about the current curriculum in schools. Black at the time explained that homeschooling will continue to be a popular option due to parents being done with the “indoctrination” that is currently happening in schools. 

“We should reject all things Critical Race Theory,” Black proclaims. The NCIS: New Orleans alum then talks about why he’s against the curriculum by stating that it’s child abuse for some states to allow Critical Race Theory to be taught. “My neighbor who is a kindergarten teacher says he has to teach kids about race. This is absurd.”

Lucas Black then turned the topic from Critical Race Theory to sex education.

“My wife and I will be the only ones to teach our kids about the spiritual act of sex. Not tv, not movies, not music, no part of culture today. Definitely not in schools,” the NCIS: New Orleans alum writes. He notes the books being read and what’s being taught about sex in schools are appalling to him. 

Black also tweeted that he met a married couple who is going to start homeschooling their kids and the wife is learning her six-figure job to teach. “This is seeing a need and having enough courage to take action to do it. These kinds of stories give me hope!”