‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Shalita Grant Jokingly Poked Fun at Two Co-Stars for Not Outrunning Her During Stunt Scenes

by Katie Maloney

Any fan of “NCIS: New Orleans” knows that Shalita Grant is a great actor. Grant played Special Agent Sonja Percy on the show. She was originally slated to only appear in a few episodes at the end of season one. However, her performances were so impressive, “NCIS: New Orleans” kept her on as a series regular. It wasn’t until season four that her character left the show and Grant moved on to other projects.

Speaking of other projects, long before her time with “NCIS: New Orleans” Grant got her start in theater in New York City. In fact, she even landed a Tony Award nomination in 2013 for her performance as Cassandra in the comedy Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. She was nominated for Best Featured Actress in a Play. That same year, she won the 2013 Theatre World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut.

Since her time on “NCIS: New Orleans” ended, Grant has worked on projects including “Santa Clarita Diet” with Drew Barrymore, “Search Party” and the Netflix series, “You.”

In conclusion, Shalita Grant has some serious acting chops. However, acting isn’t the only thing Grant excels at. She’s also an incredibly fast runner. In fact, during an interview in 2017, Grant talked about outrunning her co-stars, Lucas Black and Scott Bakal during an “NCIS: New Orleans” scene.

“We did the first episode. It was awesome. At the time, I was working out. I still work out but I had just started really getting fit. So doing all the stunts was really exciting for me,” said Grant. “And it was really exciting for them to have like this little chick outrunning the boys.”

Grant added that during her very first stunt scene, she showed up both of her male costars.

“My first stunt episode with Lucas and Scott, I outran them,” said Grant. “Scott Bakala was like, ‘Imma go around the front and let Lucas chase her,'” said Grant with a laugh. “And I was like already at the fence like, ‘Y’all gonna get me, right?'”

Shalita Grant Outran A Corvette During A Stunt Scene On ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

Co-stars aren’t the only things actor Shalita Grant can outrun. She can also outrun a sports car. That’s right, during the same interview, Grant revealed that she outran a Corvette while filming a stunt scene on “NCIS: New Orleans.”

“I’m great at running. We had this one scene where I was supposed to be chasing a corvette down the street…Well, when we’re shooting it, I was outrunning the corvette. And the director was like, ‘You need to slow down because nobody is going to believe this. Nobody’s going to believe this, so you need to slow down,'” said Grant with a laugh.