‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Shalita Grant Said the Natural Chemistry Between Her and Co-Star Lucas Black Led to Onscreen Romance

by Katie Maloney

‘NCIS’ fans love a good romance. And the franchise has offered several love stories between characters on several of the series. However, three of the fan-favorite romances include Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David on “NCIS”, Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and Special Agents Sonja Percy and Christopher LaSalle on “NCIS: New Orleans.” Fans even gave the ‘NCIS: New Orleans” duo a couple name, “PerSalle.”

However, the romance wasn’t originally written into the script. In fact, actor Shalita Grant, who played Sonja Percy on the show was only supposed to appear in a few episodes. But after she clicked so well with actor Lucas Black, who played Christopher LaSalle, the show made her a series regular. During an interview in 2017, Grant shared how the NCIS: New Orleans” romance came to be.

“His character [Black] at the beginning of the first season was kind of a playboy or whatever,” said Grant. “And when we got on screen together, everyone was like, ‘It’s weird, their chemistry, they have a lot of chemistry.’ So it just kind of came out of just the two actors just playing off each other.”

Grant added that she really enjoyed working with Black as the two tend to feed of each other’s energy.

‘And I love working with Lucas actually because he does play with me,” said Grant. “If I do something, he’s like, ‘That was exciting, I’m going to do something too.’ And there’s a conversation happening beyond just what’s happening in the text. And I think when people see that, they read that as chemistry.”

Did Sonja and Christopher End Up Together on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’?

Although we all love the will-they-won’t-they nature of onscreen romances, most of us ultimately hope the characters end up together. Fortunately, that was the case for both “NCIS: Los Angeles” couple Kensi and Marty, and “NCIS” couple Tony and Ziva. So what about the “NCIS: New Orleans” couple? Did they end up together? Unfortunately, Sonja and Christopher weren’t so lucky. In fact, they are the only (top three fan-favorites) duo not to end up together in the franchise. The two acknowledged their feelings but they didn’t embark on a relationship. They didn’t want to risk their friendship and their work, or cause problems for the rest of their team. Sonja left the NCIS team during the 19th episode of season four titled “High Stakes.” And Christopher died in the sixth episode of season six titled “Matthew 5:9.”

Although their connection didn’t end with happily ever after, we certainly enjoyed watching the chemistry between the characters while it lasted. And although “NCIS: New Orleans” won’t be returning for another season, we are certain the “NCIS: Hawai’i” will bring a whole other romance for us to follow.