‘NCIS’ New Orleans: Fans Can Purchase Props From the Series as it Comes to an End

by Halle Ames

If you are an NCIS megafan and heartbroken about the show’s end, we may have some good news for you after all.

NCIS: New Orleans will air its final show this Sunday (today) after seven seasons. With its ending, producers are selling props and equipment that have been used throughout the show. So, if you have your eye on a particular or significant item, you could be in luck!

NCIS Fans Score with Props

According to 4WWL, some dedicated fans have already won big.

“I am a big fan,” said NCIS fan Tracy Passantino. “I wanted to get something that belonged to Scott Bakula, or Sebastian. You can’t really tell what it is, but they touched them. I also got a Jesus statue. His cross fell off, but we’re going to fix him.”

Another woman, who bought an old chair from the show, says it’s a win-win deal.

“I just thought, ‘You know what, they may have some great finds that I can just have in the house and say this is from NCIS,'” said Heather Wright. “I’ve got an old house, so my little French chair is going to fit perfectly in there.”

Furthermore, Juliana Cutrer is a viewer as well as a homeowner looking to freshen things up a bit. What better way to redecorate than with NCIS props straight from the set. And while she didn’t get much, it’s the little things that bring a room together.

“I’m redoing my house, so I’m trying to see what they have that could have been on set,” said Juliana Cutrer. “I got a lamp and a lampshade and some curtains.”

Giving Back

Jason Waggenspack, head of possibilities (yes, that is a job title) at The Ranch Film Studios, notes that many props from NCIS were bought around New Orleans during filming, and they hold “nostalgic” feelings.

“They’ve gone out and bought stuff from different antique stores, different furniture shops, many different little nostalgic things that you can buy from restaurants,” said Waggenspack.

In addition, Waggenspack didn’t want the items to go to waste or collect dust in a storage unit. He loaded up a lot of the props and furniture, and he donated them to universities, schools, and Habitat for Humanity around New Orleans. Waggenspack left everything else for NCIS fans.

“All the left-over fun stuff, the nostalgic stuff, from this wonderful show that was here for such a long time, we decided to give a sale to the public,” said Waggenspack.

You can watch all the NCIS New Orleans action come to a close tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.