‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Here’s What Fans Can Expect From the Series Finale

by Emily Morgan

As the sun sets on “NCIS: New Orleans,” fans are eager to see what happens in the season seven finale this weekend.

Earlier this year, CBS canceled the crime drama meaning the show will have to wrap up several plot lines as the series comes to an end. Episode 16, the series finale, will be aired on Sunday, May 23. Here’s what we know so far about the episode titled “Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler,” according to the promo.

As it suggests, it will be an emotional episode as the characters say goodbye to one another and their fans. The episode will see the cast celebrating the wedding of Agent Dwayne Pride, played by Scott Bakula.

Promo for ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Finale Teases Wedding, Final Investigation

Since season three, his character has been with New Orleans US District Attorney Rita Devereaux, played by Chelsea Field. Throughout the series, viewers have seen them have their ups and downs, but now they’ll be heading down the aisle.

As the promo suggests, it starts with an aisle filled with flowers and Pride waiting for his soon-to-be wife. Later, viewers can see the entire NCIS team standing as Rita, dressed in a red dress, starts to walk down the aisle.

Next, at the wedding reception, Pride is seen dancing with Loretta Wade at his bar. The team seems to be in high spirits as they celebrate withs drinks, dancing, and laughing. Later on, the team then takes to the streets, waving white napkins and dancing.

During the promo, fans can hear Pride’s voice in the background saying, “To be able to share a moment like this, with the people we love, in this city that we love, is a gift.”

At the end of the teaser, viewers can see that Pride is saying this as part of his wedding vows. However, there is still one final investigation to carry out before the end of the series.

According to the synopsis for episode 16, “On the eve of his wedding to Rita, and Connor leaving for the Witness Protection Program, Pride must track down who attacked Jimmy and Connor, while navigating Sasha’s ulterior motives regarding her son.”

It leaves fans wondering: will Pride be able to determine who was behind the attacks before “NCIS: New Orleans” closes the door for good? Fans of the show will have to be patient until the weekend to find out.

Fans can watch “NCIS New Orleans” on CBS.