‘NCIS: New Orleans’: How Special Agent Pride Actor Scott Bakula Handles Wedding Crasher in Series Finale

by Clayton Edwards

NCIS: New Orleans came to an emotional close last night. In the series finale, viewers watched as all the show’s plot threads were tied up in a neat bow.

This article contains spoilers for the season finale.

The finale was an emotional one for fans of NCIS: New Orleans. At the same time, the show coming to an end was emotional for the cast and crew. Series lead Scott Bakula posted a heartfelt message to fans of the series prior to the finale’s airdate. He thanked them for sticking with the show through seven seasons. He also promised that the finale would give the show a proper sendoff, saying that he was excited for the fans to see how it all ended.

Bakula was not exaggerating when he said that. Last night’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans gave fans everything they could have wanted from the series. Everything, that is, except for another season of the Crescent City-based cop drama. Fans got to see a wedding, new love bloom, and a new family come together.

NCIS: New Orleans Finale Delivers the Goods

The NCIS: New Orleans finale started where last week’s installment left off. Pride and Rita have moved up their wedding plans. Pride wants his mother to be able to attend. She is currently fighting dementia and is, at the moment, lucid. So, they decide to get hitched while she can enjoy seeing her son marry the love of his life.

Things don’t exactly run smoothly, though. Before the happy couple can say, “I do,” they have to tie up the loose ends left by previous events on NCIS: New Orleans. Most of this centers around Connor, Pride’s newly-discovered teenaged son, and his mother, the scheming Sasha. In the first scenes of the episode, Pride and his team are working to track down the men who jumped Connor and his pal Jimmy in the previous episode.

At the same time, Pride has to come to terms with the fact that Connor is leaving the Crescent City with his mother. They’re heading into witness protection. However, he insists that his newly discovered son attend his wedding. This is where things get interesting.

The men who attacked Jimmy and Connor are still out there. So, to make sure that the violent felons don’t crash the wedding, Pride has to apprehend them before the big moment that NCIS: New Orleans fans have been waiting for can happen. Pride chases his suspect across the rooftops of the Big Easy. Just when he thinks he’s going to escape, a carriage driver and friend of Pride’s steps in to save the day. He uses his driving whip to take the man down as a crowd of onlookers cheers.

The rest of the festivities go off without a hitch. Pride and Rita get married. Sasha leaves for witness protection and an uncertain future. Connor stays with the newly-formed Pride family. It was a happy ending for all involved.

If you missed the series finale of NCIS: New Orleans, you can still watch it on Paramount+