‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Shares the Results of a Recent Hunting Trip

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

It’s safe to say that this past weekend was a very successful one for former NCIS: New Orleans star Lucas Black. Not only did he put down a deer, his six-year-old son Gus got his first deer as well.

Lucas Black has come a long way over the years, that’s for sure. Not only did he star on CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans from 2014-2019, he has also made appearances in several other movies and TV shows. That list includes works like American Gothic, Sling Blade, Flash, Crazy in Alabama, All the Pretty Horses, Friday Night Lights, Jarhead, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Get Low, Legion, and Seven Days in Utopia.

That’s obviously quite the impressive acting resume. But acting isn’t the only impressive thing that Lucas Black has going for him. In his spare time, he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. And on Sunday, he took to his official Instagram account to post a few photos of the deer he shot over the weekend.

“I stepped into the woods and deer spooked everywhere. This one didn’t get away,” Black captioned the post. “He will provide organic meat for my family’s table! The 270 Kimber is made in Younkers, NY. Made in USA baby.”

Son of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Put Down His First Deer

There is no denying that Lucas Black is proud to be able to put food on his family’s dinner table. But if there is anything that he might be more proud of, it’s the fact that his six-year-old son, Gus, was able to shoot his first deer as well. And the proud dad was there to soak up the moment.

“Gus, my 6 year old son, has connected with his first deer,” Black posted over the weekend. “He was fired up and ready to go this morning. He said he wanted to hunt all day. We got up the tree before daylight and he shot this yearling at 7:30 am. He was filled with excitement thrilled by his accomplishment. I’m proud of his persistence, ability to sit still, and how he stays calm. Gus has some skills and his success builds his confidence as a youngster. We have father and son memories that will last forever. #huntersafetysystem #mossyoak #deerhunting #bowhunting #hunting #hunt #outdoors #parenting #fatherandson”

It seems like the hunting tradition will continue on in the Black family for years to come.

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