‘NCIS: New Orleans’: One Actor Wrote Script for an Episode of the Recently-Canceled Series

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS: New Orleans” may be gone but its fans continue to love and enjoy the recently canceled series. The cast often shared their love for the characters and show, especially one member in particular.

Rob Kerkovich pulled double duty on the show. He played Sebastian Lund on the show, one of the key cast members. But he also got to show his hand at writing, penning an episode of the series. Kerkovich wrote an episode during Season Five of the series. It was the episode “Diplomatic Immunity.”

While he only wrote one episode for “NCIS: New Orleans,” Kerkovich appeared in all 155 episodes as Sebastian Lund. The forensic scientist was a main stay in the series and an important part in the team chemistry that made the show work.

According to Looper, Kerkovich discussed why he loved the character so much. He said: “I like that he is trusting. A lot of times people ask how I am like him because we share a lot of interests, in terms of the nerd stuff, but I think Sebastian is a lot less jaded than I am, and I like playing that. He is eager to please.”

While he only wrote one episode in the “NCIS” franchise, Kerkovich became a frequent writer elsewhere. He penned episodes on the sitcom “Happy Endings” for instance. He also directed and wrote his own short film “Bluegrass” as well.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Says Goodbye

Perhaps Rob Kerkovich might have written more episodes had the series continued. But “NCIS: New Orleans” bid farewell this year. The show lasted for seven years on the air, a respectable number. But it’s much less than “NCIS” 19 Seasons and counting.

Fans of the show will miss the adventures of the New Orleans division. Even the cast appeared shocked by the cancelation. But CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl revealed the writing was on the wall. She said simply that “NCIS: New Orleans” had run its course.

“Every year you evaluate what is making the strongest statement for your schedule. And what gives you the best circulation, what will bring you the most numbers of viewers. You ask that question for pretty much every show every year. How can we make the schedule as strong as we can in the fall. And that leads to some tough decisions,” Kahl said. “’MacGyver’ has been an excellent show for us, ‘New Orleans’ was an excellent show for us. But sometimes shows hit the end of their cycle and we have to, in some cases, say goodbye.”

While the show may be gone, fans can continue to watch all 150 episodes.