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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Opens Up on Getting Hateful Tweets Over New Role

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for National YoungArts Foundation)

It’s been more than a few months since “NCIS: New Orleans” concluded last spring. However, one fan-favorite character’s face has been missing from the procedural series since her departure in 2018. Actress Shalita Grant previously played the role of one of “NCIS: New Orleans'” special agents. Although, her recent pursuits have seen her starring in an entirely different series. Now known for her role on the Netflix thriller, “You,” Grant opened up about getting tons of hateful Tweets regarding her persona.

Shalita Grant spoke with the WM Leader about her experience following “You’s” season three premiere. Grant played the role of the much-contested Sherry Conrad, whom the outlet terms as an “influencer queen bee” by the name of Madre Linda. Grant said responses to her new “You” performance were just as nasty as she’d hoped they would be.

For fans of “NCIS: New Orleans,” watching the beloved Shalita Grant take on such a dislikable persona is surely difficult. However, in reference to her new role, Grant said it’s “a dream come true.”

She expanded in her chat with the outlet stating, “I’m used to playing people that people typically tend to like.”

The actress’s “You” character, Sherry Conrad, has then provided the “NCIS: New Orleans” alum with a brand new opportunity. Grant shared, “to be able to do something that you’re not really allowed to do in real life as a woman–which is to be mean [or] to be not likeable–I just bit right into it.”

Shalita Grant Reveled In Nasty Replies to ‘You’ Performance

As far as the nasty Twitter replies go, Shalita Grant reveled in the comments. The actress stated, “You can feel the hatred in the tweets.”

She said many implied, “Oh my god…kill her. She needs to be fired.”

However, soon enough, Grant received the satisfaction she sought from her strange, new role. Later, those same angry “You” fans shared, “Oh my god, I love Sherry, she’s hilarious.”

Now, it seems the actress has found her true calling over on “You.”

During the same WM Leader interview, the actress spoke to the ways in which the show really allows her to explore and demonstrate some of the true values of black women.

Most dynamically she touched on her character’s hair. She shared that the more frazzled Sherry becomes, the more natural her hair actually appears. As the star’s previously shared, her far more natural appearance on “You” lies in stark contrast to what the actress experienced on “NCIS: New Orleans.” Compared to the physical hair loss Grant experienced during her time on the show, it seems “You” has allowed for greater freedom on behalf of the actress’s appearance.

Now, as “You” fans have concluded their viewership of season three, we can only hope to see more of the “NCIS: New Orleans” alum in her new and alluring role in the following installment of the Netflix thriller.