‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Series Finales Sees Massive Jump in Ratings

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fans of NCIS: New Orleans certainly responded Sunday night to send off the show in fitting fashion.

The series finale of NCIS: New Orleans drew its biggest audience of the year. There were 5.4 million fans who turned in to see the last episode (Very sad face). But the finale was a fitting, sentimental ending to a show that’s been on the air for seven seasons.

Scott Bakula, as Dwayne “King” Pride, got the wedding he wanted to Rita. Coincidentally, Chelsea Field, who portrays Rita, is Bakula’s wife in real life. Pride’s mother was at the wedding and was lucid enough to cherish the event. Loretta officiated the beautiful ceremony. Plus, Pride’s son, Connor, doesn’t have to go into witness protection program.

CBS opted to cancel NCIS: New Orleans earlier in the spring. The advanced notice allowed show runners to plan for a finale that could wrap up the story lines for the millions of fans who still watched. Chris Silber, the NCIS: New Orleans show runner, discussed the finale with TVLine.com about how much the idea of cancellation impacted the season.

“There’s always that thought in the back of your mind, the later the seasons go, that the deeper into a run that you get to,” Silber said. “But there’s also always that sort of optimistic plan of coming up with a season that would have a satisfying ending … Even if it was the series finale because oftentimes you don’t have the gift that we got which was advance notice. … It was more than a lot of shows got and certainly other shows I’ve been on that have ended their run. Oftentimes (you) find out once you’ve finished your season.”

NCIS: New Orleans Tried to Provide Fitting Ending for Series

NCIS: Los Angeles, which drew 6.32 million fans, gave its New Orleans counterparts a terrific lead-in. Silber also told TVLine.com that the finale also allowed fans to know all their characters would be OK going forward.

‘Let’s have it have a positive ending without it making it feel like it’s an ending for our character, just an ending for the series,” Silber said of NCIS: New Orleans. “They will continue even if we don’t get to see them on their adventures. But let’s give them a win. Let’s end on a high note.’”

There still will be three NCIS shows on the for TV season 2021-22. The original NCIS will continue with its 19th season, although there are questions on how much star Mark Harmon, as Gibbs, will appear. The LA version of the show will be in its 13th season. Meanwhile, there will be a new member of the franchise — NCIS: Hawai’i. So stay tuned.