‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Believes One Prop Move Was the Reason Show Was ‘Doomed’

by Jacklyn Krol

One NCIS: New Orleans star has a theory that a prop was the reason for the show’s cancellation.

Rob Kerkovich (who plays Sebastian Lund on the show) shared his superstition on Twitter. It all began last year when a fan asked him if she saw a funny image of Tammy with horns next to his computer screen.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he responded with an image of Tammy with a mustache and devil horns. “Nor do I have any idea what lanky, bespectacled person made it out of sheer boredom one day.”

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the picture has been moved. Kerkovich revealed that the funny photo is still on set but was just moved.

“It’s still there, it’s just on the other side of the monitor,” he explained. “Obviously, this move is what doomed the show, and I’ll never forgive myself.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Send-Off

NCIS: New Orleans was canceled after seven seasons on air at CBS. This marked the second spin-off of the original NCIS show. Meanwhile, NCIS: Los Angeles has been picked up for another season along with NCIS. In addition, NCIS: Hawaii will begin production shortly.

The finale will be aired on CBS. Due to the golf PGA Live Championships, it is unclear if the finale will air on Sunday or Monday. Bakula explained on Instagram that it all depends if the championship will be aired longer than its original airing schedule.

“The finale will air on Monday night, after the All Rise finale,” he announced via Instagram. “It will be a last-minute decision, so please, spread the word!!  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow night, but if we’re not there, you won’t panic or throw anything at the TV!”

“This last show is for all of you and for the city of New Orleans and all of the wonderful musicians who shared their immense talents with all of us,” he added.

So, why is NCIS: New Orleans being canceled in the first place? Bakula was shocked by the news along with the cast and crew.

President of CBS Entertainment Kelly Kahl recently revealed the reason. She explained that the series was not racking in the viewership it did at the start. The network apparently had no choice but to cancel the show. It was a difficult decision and needed to focus on the network’s schedule.

“This being the last season, going out in the middle of a pandemic, I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Bakula shared.