‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Studio Exec Reveals Why the Show Was Canceled

by Matthew Wilson

Millions of “NCIS: New Orleans” fans are in mourning as they say goodbye to the hit crime drama after seven years on the air. The show’s run was a respectable length. But with parent show “NCIS” entering its 19th season, many are wondering why the adventures of Special Agent Dwayne Pride and his gang can’t continue.

Now, Kelly Kahl, the president of CBS Entertainment, discussed the reason why the network canceled the show in an interview with Deadline. She said that “NCIS: New Orleans” had run its course on the network. She compared the program to the also canceled “MacGyver” as well.

“Every year you evaluate what is making the strongest statement for your schedule. And what gives you the best circulation, what will bring you the most numbers of viewers. You ask that question for pretty much every show every year. How can we make the schedule as strong as we can in the fall. And that leads to some tough decisions,” Kahl said. “’MacGyver’ has been an excellent show for us, ‘New Orleans’ was an excellent show for us. But sometimes shows hit the end of their cycle and we have to, in some cases, say goodbye.”

Scott Bakula Reflects on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’

The decision to cancel the show may have been down to numbers and strategy for CBS. But for “NCIS: New Orleans” lead Scott Bakula, it came as a shock. The actor wasn’t expecting to say goodbye to the show this season. And the news hit him hard in a way. In an interview with TV Insider, Bakula discussed his feelings on the end.

“This being the last season, going out in the middle of a pandemic, I didn’t think it was going to happen,” Bakula said.

Bakula also wanted to thank the legions of fans that supported the show over the years.

“I appreciate they’re sticking to us and sticking by us and that transfers to all around the planet. We’re in 200+ markets all over the world,” Bakula continues. “We’ve had a great run. They’ve been very supportive. They seem to have liked the show, they like the stories we told, the characters on the show. And that’s why we do it. We do it because we want people to grow a relationship and attach and invite us into their homes. And we don’t take that lightly. I never have. I honor them and we have always had had a great relationship and I look forward to continuing that in the future.”