‘NCIS: New Orleans’: How the Series Made One Minor Wardrobe Mistake

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: New Orleans gained quite a devoted fanbase before its cancellation earlier this year. The show and the rest of the series in the franchise try and make things realistic. NCIS: Los Angeles even pulled off the largest non-CGI explosion for a TV episode.

But while they try, they don’t always get things right.

In the case of the NCIS: New Orleans wardrobe, the characters don’t wear their holsters quite right. In fact, Looper highlighted the way the characters on NCIS: New Orleans wear their holsters is quite dangerous.

Leading character Dwayne Pride and many of the other characters wear their holsters by the small of their backs. That is not how they are supposed to be worn by law enforcement. It’s dangerous to place it there because if a person wearing it falls, they could injure their spine with their own weapon.

CBS Cancelled ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ After 7 Seasons

It came as a shock to fans and cast members alike when NCIS: New Orleans was canceled earlier this year. CBS pulled the plug on the show and instead welcomed in a new NCIS show, NCIS: Hawai’i. NCIS: New Orleans did go out with a ratings bang, being one of the most-watched canceled shows.

“This being the last season… going out in the middle of a pandemic. I didn’t think it was going to happen,” lead Scott Bakula told TV Line. “I’m surprised the show was canceled.”

After 7 years, the show ended with a wedding between Pride and Rita, whose played by Bakula’s real-life wife. Bakula also made sure to show his appreciation for the fans of the show before bowing out, recognizing that they had to do a lot to keep up with the series.

“They followed us to several time slots,” he said “I appreciate their sticking to us and sticking by us and that transfers to all around the planet. We’re in 200+ markets all over the world.”

“We’ve had a great run. They’ve been very supportive. They seem to have liked the show, they like the stories we told, the characters on the show, and that’s why we do it. We do it because we want people to grow a relationship and attach and invite us into their homes and we don’t take that lightly. I never have,” he finished.

The ‘NCIS’ Franchise Will Continue on This Fall

While it’s no doubt difficult to say goodbye to NCIS: New Orleans, the franchise is moving on in a new direction. NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS are set to stay on the network. NCIS, however, may be in a precarious position with leading actor Mark Harmon supposedly eyeing an exit.

And NCIS: Hawai’i is filming its first season right now. The show, starring Vanessa Lachey, is the first show in an NCIS franchise to be lead by a woman. All three of the shows are coming back this fall, with NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i airing on Mondays and NCIS: Los Angeles airing on Sundays.