‘NCIS’: Why Nick Torres Doesn’t Like to Have Personal Relationships with Team Members

by Samantha Whidden

He has been on NCIS since 2016 and has become a fan favorite in the hit series, Wilmer Valderrama previously admitted that his character, Agent Nick Torres, does not actually want to have a relationship with any team members.  

While chatting about his NCIS character with Parade in 2018, Valderrama stated that the assassination of Clayton Reeves is why Torres remembers one of the reasons he likes working alone instead of working with a team. “He doesn’t like developing personal relationships or feelings for people. If he works alone, it would be easier for him to carry on with what does best.”

Although he still wants to be a part of the NCIS team, Valderrama stated that his character definitely doesn’t want to develop feelings for anyone. “But then he’s going to find out that he may be a little too late. He might already not only have developed feelings for the team, but he also might have developed feelings for [Emily Wickersham’s former character Eleanor Bishop].”

Valderrama also shared that he loves working with the NCIS writers because they’re “very collaborative” about him building an arc as well as him building his real stakes with the character.

“On a lot of procedurals, you don’t have that opportunity, you know. But this show is different. This show is about the people. So building all these layers and all these ways for the characters to go, it’s really, really fun.”

‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Reveals Why He Said to Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking America Campaign 

During his interview with Parade, NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama spoke about his involvement with Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking America campaign. “As you know, we have to find the right partnership and the right like-mindedness if we’re going to be effective as we empower communities.”

The NCIS cast member also stated that he has been passionate about the retelling of the country’s immigrant story. Because he thinks that it builds a different profile than issuing painted out there in the world about immigration itself.

“I’m the founder and a board member of multiple organizations that empower people to enroll in the census,” the NCIS actor continued. “And register to vote and get involved with local and national conversations. Not just about politics. But as an activist in human rights.”

Valderrama goes on to add that he had a great conversation with Johnnie Walker about what the company wanted to do. They had the same passion as he had to continue to tell stories. 

“If we continue to Keep Walking America, we would discover that we’re not very different from one another. And that all we really want is the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.”