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‘NCIS’: One Scene Brings Fans to ‘Tears’ By Gibbs’ Uncanny Actions

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

CBS’s hit show “NCIS” has a way of bringing fans to tears through character actions. However, no actions are more meaningful, nor worthy of tears, than when the stoic Leroy Jethro Gibbs briefly lets down his guard to express his love and affection for his team and family.

One Reddit thread pointed to a very specific moment during Agent Timothy McGee’s wedding to his wife, Delilah. One “NCIS” fan wrote, “For all his gruffness [Gibbs] absolutely loves his family…I adore this man. The way he holds himself, his silent but meaningful glances, everything about him.”

Truthfully, we couldn’t agree more. Gibbs’ words and actions of affection are especially genuine as he infrequently hands them out.

While Gibbs doesn’t seem the sentimental type, he does, on occasion, express his thoughts about things and moments that are special to him. The episode featuring McGee’s wedding is a prime example of one of those rare moments. Prior to the ceremony, Gibbs helps McGee fashion his cufflinks correctly, and following, he asks his boss what he thinks.

Belovedly Gruff Gibbs Expressed Rare Sentiment for Longtime Agent

Gibbs pauses, and, reaching for his watch, says, “Well,” and then taking it off, “I think…here,” and presents the piece to McGee. Perplexed, McGee says, “Boss, I think something borrowed is more for the bride.” Gibbs, without hesitation, tells McGee the watch is his now. He then describes how his mother gave his father, Jack, the watch before they got married and right before he was deployed. We then learn Jack gave Gibbs the watch on his own wedding day. Gibbs gives McGee no choice but to accept the gift when he flips it over and on the back is engraved the words, “Breathe, Tim.”

At this point, I haven’t even watched this far into the show and I, too, am tearing up.

However, on the flip side, one commenter reminds “NCIS” fans of the sad reality that Harmon is reluctant to remain on the show. “I hope we can see [Gibbs] back for at least one season,” they write, “he still has things to teach the team.”

“NCIS” Fans May Get Gibbs Back for Another Season

While the future of “NCIS” hangs in the balance following the announcement of Mark Harmon’s minimal appearances throughout the new season 19, fans have received a little glimmer of hope from show writer, Christopher J. Walid. The “NCIS” writer made a post earlier last month featuring the odometer of presumedly, Gibbs’ old pickup truck, and captions it, “Has a few miles, but still purrs like a kitten.”

While the post did provide fans some hope, after so many recent character departures, others are afraid to get their hopes up, writing, “I’m just asking…this your car or…is this supposed to be Gibbs’ pickup?”

Eventually, we’ll get our answer but for now, we wait with agonizing impatience to see what becomes of the beloved Gibbs character as well as CBS‘s hit show overall.