‘NCIS’: Pauley Perrette Selflessly Helped a Co-Star When He Joined the Show

by Clayton Edwards

Pauley Perrette was on NCIS for fifteen seasons. Throughout her time on the show, she was a fan favorite. Her character, Abby, was a goth and the team’s resident forensic scientist. However, it was her giving nature and quirky attitude that led many people to adore her.

In fact, when Pauley Perrette left the show, they wrote Abby’s big heart into her departure. They said that she left the team to start a charity for her murdered friend Clay, portrayed by Duane Henry. However, fans later learned that Perrette’s reason for leaving was a little darker. She cited harassment from Mark Harmon and an unsafe work environment as her reasons for exiting the hit show. It turns out that Perrette and Abby have something in common: they’re both charitable.

Since leaving NCIS, Pauley Perrette hasn’t done much acting. She was in Broke which ran for one season on CBS. However, she is still out there working. When Perrette isn’t acting, she’s doing work for charities. She has worked with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and various animal charities. Every year, Perrette asks her fans to donate to their favorite charity in honor of her birthday, according to Looper.

Pauley Perrette didn’t wait to leave NCIS to start helping those in need, though. In fact, she helped Duane Henry out in a big way when he joined the cast.

How Pauley Perrette Helped Duane Henry

Duane Henry’s first role in American television was as Clay Reeves on NCIS. He talked about his road to the hit show with CBS back in 2017. Henry grew up poor in Birmingham, England. He attended drama school. Then, at 17 he moved to London. He stayed there for a decade, acting and doing odd jobs. Then, he moved to LA.

He was in LA for over a year when he finally auditioned for NCIS. When he landed the role, Henry realized that the cast of the show wasn’t just a team on-screen. They were a tight-knit group behind the scenes as well. He was amazed by their closeness.

At that time, Henry was couch surfing. In fact, he had been homeless the whole time he was in America. His new co-star Pauley Perrette wouldn’t let that stand. Within his first two episodes, she told him that couch surfing wouldn’t do. She had plenty of room for one more at her house. So, Henry moved in with Perrette for a short time.

In the interview, he said that Pauley Perrette would remind him every day that he was working on the biggest show in the world. With a laugh, Henry told CBS “I swear, it’s like every day I’m just going to work to ride unicorns.”

Duane Henry stayed with Pauley Perrette until he had a couple of paychecks in his bank account. Then, he bought himself a house in the San Fernando Valley.