‘NCIS’: Recap of ‘The Helpers’

by Suzanne Halliburton

If you didn’t wipe away some tears while watching Monday’s new NCIS episode, well, you obviously hate Mister Rogers, And Jimmy and Kasie.

Yes, the NCIS hour, co-written by co-star Brian Dietzen, was emotional. And at the end, it touched on the words of Mister Rogers. We’ll get to that. But first, let’s recap the episode where we learn that chemically-induced arguments don’t count.

As the episode opened, we see a beautiful scene. There’s a brilliant light. Jimmy is with Breena. Jimmy tells his wife “this year is so hard. I miss you so much.”

But wait, Breena died in NCIS season 18 of complications from Covid. Why is Jimmy talking to his dead wife? Is he dead? Why is Breena ordering him to open his eyes?

We’ll get to that. NCIS then takes us to what happened earlier in the day. Victoria, Jimmy’s daughter, came to the office to spend the day with her dad. But the team was called out to Quantico. A truck rolled over a former Army private. His body was flattened. Even Alden Parker looked away.

Jimmy, Don’t Open the Flask! Too Late

In the medical examiner’s room, Jimmy and Kasie are going through the man’s personal possessions. They find a flask and sniff it to see what kind of liquor was in it. Kasie stuck it in a machine to find out what it was.

Then alarms start going off and the area is locked down. The flask contained a biotoxin.

Enter Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton), the biotoxin expert from the CDC. NCIS fans know her well. Jimmy smiled when he saw her. And Kasie, who never met Carol, Abby’s college friend, gushed like a fangirl. Kasie mentioned Carol’s work when she doing her dissertation.

Carol didn’t tell the two everything she knew. But she told the rest of the NCIS team that this biotoxin, which was created in Russia, was 100 percent fatal if they couldn’t find an antidote. The guy who had the antidote was working at a lab in Virginia. But the Russian scientist had gone off the grid over the past two days.

It seems that the guy with the flask was a member of a domestic cult ruled by someone known as the Raven. He wanted to spread the biotoxin at a Marine base. And, he wanted to place it at a coffee shop, movie theater and a park. Humans won’t start showing symptoms for more than two hours. So what made this a perfect weapon is it spreads before anyone knows it’s there,

Michael Yarish/CBS

Torres and Victoria Play Games in Another NCIS Office

Meanwhile, back in another office, Torres and Victoria are playing video games. Jimmy tells Kasie how much Torres has meant to his family. When Breena died, Torres would stay with Victoria when Jimmy visited her grave. And Torres always came over on Saturdays to hang out with Victoria. As Jimmy listens in from his office, Victoria tells “Uncle Nick” that her dad’s been “stuck” the past year. “He’ll get himself unstuck and be the dad I know.”

Jimmy and Kasie are headed downhill, quickly. Both their noses are bleeding. And when they close their eyes, they both see dead relatives. At one point, Carol started yelling at them to wake up as Victoria pounded on the office glass.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Jimmy’s Good Bye — It Was Perfection. Look for the Helpers

Finally, as the NCIS agents tried to track down the Raven and the antidote, Jimmy believes it’s time to say goodbye to his daughter.

Victoria asks him “Are you doing to die?”

“Yes,” Jimmy says. “And so are you. What’s important is not how we die, but how we live.

“You remember the Mister Rogers movie, how he told us to look for the Helpers? There are people out there who live their lives like that, honey. There are helpers in this world who will look out for you for the rest of your life.

“Open your eyes, see God’s helpers, they’re out there, doing what’s right … Being a helper takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. … Someday you will be an amazing helper, Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.”

And as Jimmy says what he thinks we’ll be his final words to his only child, the NCIS agents find the Russian scientist with the antidote. Carol, wearing a Hazmat suit, comes in and gives Jimmy and Kasie a shot in their neck.

Two days later, we see both Jimmy and Kasie in the hospital. Everyone gathers in Jimmy’s room to celebrate. But then Vance walks in and motions for everyone to talk to him outside. They didn’t catch the Raven. And the Raven left a message for Parker.

Never more, it read.

But Outsider will give you more. Stick with us for more NCIS details.