‘NCIS’: Relive the Season 18 Finale Cliffhanger When Ellie Bishop Kisses Nick Torres

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS fans, we know it still stings that Ellie Bishop left Nick Torres for a mysterious undercover assignment.

The season finale was six weeks ago. It still seems so fresh. You remember the angst on Torres’ face as he watched Bishop walk out of his life. You still want to scream at Bishop for leaving him. Emily Wickersham and Wilmer Valderrama were the perfect NCIS will they/won’t they couple.

Have another look. Will discuss it on the other side.

Those Final NCIS Scenes Still Gut Punch Fans

The final moments between Ellie and Nick still gut you, don’t they?

First, NCIS allows Leroy Jethro Gibbs to give Bishop his blessing for whatever she’s about to do. The two are on the phone and Bishop asks Gibbs about Rule 91. Gibbs is known for all his randomness and the wisdom behind them. He tells Bishop “when you decide to walk away, don’t look back.”

Then NCIS writers quickly fill in more of the story that had lingered through the finale. We see the mysterious Odette, who also worked with Ziva when she was thought to be dead.

In a flashback, Odette speaks to Bishop, telling her “we see a certain promise in you, we’d like to offer you some specialized training if you’d be interested.” So now we know that Odette did the recruiting to lure Bishop away from NCIS. (And Nick).

After speaking to Gibbs, Ellie is ready to go. She’s with Odette, her new handler. But Odette knows there’s one more “loose end.” And that loose end is Nick. Ellie had no idea he was there until he stepped into the yard. He asks her “what the hell Ellie. That’s still your name, isn’t it?”

Bishop tells Nick “there’s nothing to be sorry about.” And Nick, who was an undercover agent before he joined NCIS, tells Bishop “that will wear off.”

And then Nick tells Bishop how he figured her out. “I followed your bread crumbs of lies, stories, and half-assed excuses. Disappearing after work… Acing your firearms eval. … Mixed martial arts classes. And the other day, with the classified NSA documents, who planted those? Did you? Or did Odette?”

Bishop tells Nick it was Odette who planted the classified documents. We know that earlier in the show, Bishop confessed that she took the classified information from her own files at NSA. She was facing years in federal prison for doing so.

So Nick asks: “Who are you training for? CIA? Homeland? Cause that’s why you threw your reputation in the toilet. Where you’re going, you need to be a disgraced NCIS agent. I know the drill. … Why now?”

Bishop said it wasn’t her choice. And briefly, Nick tries to guilt her into turning down the assignment. But she doesn’t want to say no because she’s “ready.” Bishop gives him the sad “if only we worked normal jobs” line. But Nick wanted to know why she was going to ghost him and leave without saying a word.

Bishop then slices up his heart. “I didn’t mean for us to happen.”

And Bishop tells him goodbye, then takes a step closer and kisses him. The lingering kiss is everything NCIS fans wanted from them. Then Bishop walks away as Nick lowers his head.

NCIS fans, is this the saddest breakup ever?