‘NCIS’: Relive Shocking Bomb Investigation Scene From Latest Episode

by Evan Reier

How does NCIS only get more captivating over time? As we near the end of Season 18, the show is somehow more gripping and exciting than ever.

The penultimate episode of the season aired Tuesday night and it made for a blast. Literally and figuratively. The show got off to a wild start with a hostage situation.

Fair warning, everything here on out will feature spoilers for the May 18 episode of NCIS.

A man named Toby took his girlfriend hostage, prompting a REACT team to try and solve the situation. Special Agent Jessica Knight and the team successfully get him to release the woman, who turned out to be pregnant.

But as the woman leaves the house, a bomb goes off. When the crew of McGee, Bishop and Torres arrive, they find nothing but rubble after three bodies of the five people in the blast had been recovered.

However, Torres notices an off-beat sound. For NCIS fans that were tuned in, enjoy the moment. For those that are catching up, get ready for the pivot to a whole new endeavor.

They realize that the sound is tapping in morse code. It takes very little time for Bishop to realize it’s the simple message of “S.O.S.” However, that is where the moment above cuts off, but we can take you the rest of the way.

NCIS: Agents Discover the Source of Morse Code

It was thought that no one could have survived the blast, and understandably so. Three bodies were recovered initially, and the home had been near-obliterated from the bomb.

However, the agents and NCIS team recovered Special Agent Jessica Knight, who had been trapped afterward. Somehow, she made it out with her life.

Afterwards, the team began looking into Toby. A former naval officer, he stole weapons for a white supremacist group. But there’s a catch: it wasn’t a suicide bomb that Toby set off.

After Bishop and Torres visit Knight in the hospital, they come to the conclusion that their lead suspect was instead a target. This ends up being the case, but in a convoluted manner.

The team was testing out new body armor made by Kessler Gear Systems. After working with the CEO of the company, they discovered the bomber’s location, but he is already killed and their are photos of the team all-around his room.

Initially, Knight thinks that one of her team members killed in the accident, was involved when they discover crates of the armor. But instead of him assisting in the bombing, he was instead building a case against Kessler because the armor contributed to a terminal condition that was killing him quickly.

This leads the NCIS crew back to Kessler, who admits that the original iteration of the armor causes major health problems and that he set up the bomb. However, he also reveals he was extorted by Special Agent Dalton, a REACT team commander, who tried to get in on the company’s government contract. Dalton also is the one who set up the bomb to ensure the REACT member didn’t go public.

Dalton is eventually confronted, and tries to kill himself, but is apprehended by Knight.