‘NCIS’ Riles Up Fans with Video of One of Ellie Bishop and Gibbs’ Most Tense Moments

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

You look back on this NCIS clip and wonder if it all was a tease. Did Ellie Bishop really care that Gibbs was suspended, given that she was planning to leave anyway?

On Sunday night, the NCIS Twitter account posted a season 18 video clip of Bishop and Gibbs sitting at a diner. Bishop called for “the meet.” She even brought the baseball bat Gibbs keeps in his office. Maybe he needs it now that he’s suspended after beating up a suspect who was killing dogs.

Meanwhile, NCIS fans didn’t react that well to the clip. Folks are still broken up that Bishop left in the final moments of the finale. She spurned Nick Torres and walked away to an undercover CIA assignment with her NCIS career in tatters.

In Tense NCIS Meeting, Bishop Asks Gibbs ‘Was It Worth It?’

In the NCIS clip, Bishop tells Gibbs: “I thought you might be missing it, the bat that is.”

She brings up Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), the new agent, who’d just been brought to the D.C. office.

“Agent Knight, she lost her everyone, whole team, just like that. Gone,” Bishop said. “Was it worth it?”

Gibbs says to ask Knight, then Bishop gets to the point. She wasn’t really talking about Knight. This was about Gibbs, why he chose to punch a suspect and send him to the hospital. The team lied to cover it up. Gibbs didn’t want them to get in trouble. He was going to take his punishment.

“I’m asking you, was it worth it, doing what you did, getting suspended, was it worth it,” Bishop pressed, again. And Gibbs tells her “Some things Bishop, they have a cost, you still gotta get it done.” (This sounds like a Gibbs rule).

Then Bishop pleads with him again. “Was it worth losing,” she then pauses for several seconds. “Us?”

“I don’t know,” Gibbs says. “I don’t know.”

Given how the finale unfolded, it does make you wonder. You can check out the clip yourself. The NCIS account captioned it “Remember this?”

Don’t Worry Fans, Emily Wickersham Is Good

One NCIS fan replied, “How can you forget it?” Another said: “Of Course. She’ll come back?”

Another wrote: “Still can’t believe Ellie is gone.”

All the Ellie Bishop fans, you don’t have to worry about her. Emily Wickersham, who you loved as Bishop, is in a good place. About six weeks ago, Wickersham revealed she is pregnant. She posted the news on her Instagram. She’s standing by a pool against a lush green backdrop. She’s wearing a dark, two-piece swimsuit and is showing off her baby bump. The now-former NCIS star captioned the photo: “my mom taking a photo of a future mom with a baby boy on the way!”

NCIS kicks off season 19 on Sept. 20. There will be an all-out search for Gibbs. His boat blew up in the final scene. But we know he’s alive. You can see for yourself in the ad NCIS is currently running. Will the show be the same without the Gibbs-Bishop banter?