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‘NCIS’: Rocky Carroll Explains How it Gets ‘Confusing’ When He Directs Episodes

by Shelby Scott
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Throughout its 19-season run, “NCIS” has seen three dynamic agency directors. Two headlining names include former Director Jenny Shepard and cast mainstay Director Leon Vance, played by “NCIS” actor Rocky Carroll.

Carroll has played the “NCIS” director since his debut following the death of former director Jenny Shepard during season five. In his time on the show, Vance has played a role in some major “NCIS” plot lines. However, like other procedural shows, Vance’s actor Rocky Carroll has also had a hand in directing multiple episodes.

The fact surely adds to the variety and creativity on the set of “NCIS.” However, Carroll previously revealed that both acting in and directing certain episodes can get incredibly confusing. As we might expect, the “NCIS” actor revealed he is often the one forgetting and mixing up his lines.

“[In] being behind the camera and then stepping in front of the camera to act sometimes, I don’t shift gears as quickly as I’d like to,” he revealed to ET. “So who’s the guy who forgets his lines in the middle of a scene? It’s often me,” Carroll humorously added.

Nevertheless, it appears that despite occasional transitions in cast members, actors and showrunners alike adapt to the confusion. And as we’ve previously seen, the crew members and the cast both share a unique camaraderie. The fact surely lends to “NCIS’s” ongoing success.

Two ‘NCIS’ Stars Never Appear in the Same Scene

For the most part, and as far as “NCIS” fans are aware, there has been little conflict between cast members throughout the history of the CBS show. While reportedly, Abby Sciuto actress Pauley Perrette previously left “NCIS” due to behind-the-scenes friction with headlining actor and producer Mark Harmon, we’ve heard little else regarding rivalries and feuds among other cast members.

So why is it that Medical Examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer and NCIS Director Leon Vance never appear in the same scene together?

Ultimately, the characters’ lack of interaction comes as a result of the pair’s geographical locations on the set of “NCIS.” As fans well know, the director’s office sits clear above the NCIS squad room, with a central set of stairs leading both up to the office and MTAC. Below even the squad room and the forensics lab comes autopsy, in the “NCIS” agency basement.

Based on the distance between the characters’ “offices” alone, it makes sense that Palmer and Vance interact infrequently.

In speaking to the two “NCIS” characters’ lack of interaction, Palmer actor Brian Dietzen said, “He’s the lowest of the low geographically. Palmer is in the basement and Vance is in the attic upstairs, the high tower.”

Ultimately, then, their infrequent appearances together, fortunately, do not stem from any sort of feud. Outsider hates to see off-screen rivalries take place, especially over on one of our favorite crime dramas.