‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Shares Ominous Pic of Him and Mark Harmon Ahead of Season 19, Episode 4

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS star Sean Murray doesn’t share much on social media. He’ll go weeks between posts. So pay attention when you see some activity.

On Saturday night, Murray posted a potentially ominous photo from Monday’s episode called Great Wide Open.

It could be an innocent snap from Murray’s McGee and Gibbs’ road trip to Alaska. Or it could be about something else. The photo is black and white. McGee’s head is down, with his hands in his pockets. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is looking off into the distance. NCIS has tracked a contract killer for three straight episodes. The agents know who killed eight people.

However, Lemere, the killer, is dead now. He purposely stepped on his own land mine in episode three, committing suicide. Now, it’s time to figure out who was paying him.

In the last episode, the agents connected Sonova, a worldwide corporation, to four of Lemere’s victims. The company is getting into the cell phone business. So Sonova is building a copper mine in a remote part of southwestern Alaska. All four of the victims stood in the way of the mine.

There’s a small fishing village near the mine. That’s where Gibbs and McGee are headed. Keep in mind, on the last episode of NCIS, Gibbs and Alden Parker (Gary Cole) road-tripped to upstate New York in search of another Lemere victim. But Parker wanted to turn around when Lemere started trying to play head games with Gibbs. And Gibbs pretended like he was on board with the turnaround back to DC. Except Gibbs ditched Parker. This trip, he picked McGee.

Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021

If Gibbs Does Depart NCIS Then McGee Is In Charge

If Gibbs does walk away at the end of the episode, then Murray’s McGee would remain in charge. He stepped in towards the end of season 18. That was after Gibbs beat up a suspect, who’d killed and tortured dogs. Gibbs was suspended. And although Vance (Rocky Carroll) asked Gibbs to return, he’s yet to do so. Everything he’s done to track down Lemere and Sonova was off the books.

Now, let’s get back to Murray’s Instagram page, where NCIS fans were leaving him messages. Everyone is on edge about this episode. Most folks are afraid this will be the last we see of Gibbs, as the 70-year-old Harmon opts out of the show, or maybe works as a recurring character.

One fan wrote: “You do amazing work Sean! I hope good things will happen in this episode. Real proud of you Sean.”

Another wrote: “My daughter is 11 and NCIS is our weekly mother-daughter show. We love it!”