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‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray is Connected to ’Magnum P.I.’: Here’s How

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Don P. Bellisario may have created both NCIS and Magnum P.I, but the two shows are also connected in another way. McGee actor Sean Murray is actually Bellisario’s stepson. Bellisario’s other stepson, Chad Murray, is an Executive producer of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Essentially, McGee actor Sean Murray is the stepson of the man who created both NCIS, and Magnum P.I. That’s quite the family business!

Sean Murray’s one of the few remaining original cast members left on the series. He plays Timothy McGee, whose a cybersecurity specialist for the NCIS team. McGee has probably had some of the most notable character development on the series, going from a timid and bumbling kid to a more confident and assertive part of the team.

Murray’s acting chops go beyond his connections. He wanted to be an actor since he was a young child, and has clearly worked on it to portray one of the more fascinating characters on the series. He’s definitely one of the most long-term members of the cast as well.

Even though Murray has displayed time and time again that he’s talented, it hasn’t always been easy for the NCIS actor to believe it. During one dialogue-heavy episode, Murray Panicked and forgot a bunch of his lines.

“The last day we were shooting the episode, I was doing a scene with Pauley Perrette in Abby’s lab and I had a monologue that was supposed to be very frustrated and rushed. And because of all the dialogue memorization I had done for this episode, my brain just hit a wall,” he recalled to the Chicago Tribune.

“I remember feeling panicked and looking at Pauley after rehearsal and saying, ‘I’m not going to remember a word of this. I can’t do this.”

Thankfully, Pauley Perrette was able to help calm him down and told him just to write the monologue down and read it from behind a computer. While he said he felt like “the worst actor in the world,” he got the scene done.

Hopefully, he hasn’t had too many panic-related fumbles sense then. Fans love it when NCIS has more McGee-centered episodes. Murray definitely is one of the most senior cast members here. With plenty of people leaving and two new actors coming in, the NCIS landscape is definitely shifting.

Still, the show is outperforming almost everything else in the ratings. The suspenseful crime drama will be back this fall and will air on Mondays instead of Tuesdays. NCIS has launched three spinoffs, two of which will air this fall. NCIS: New Orleans was sadly canceled this year, but NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Hawai’i are a solid part of the upcoming fall schedule.