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‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Detailed the Many Lessons He Took Away from Time on Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

He is one of the long-time castmates of CBS series NCIS for almost two decades, so it’s obvious that Sean Murray has learned a thing or two from the show’s set.

NCIS is a police procedural TV series that centers around a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigate Service (NCIS). Since 2003, Sean Murray has been on the crime investigation series as Special Agent Timothy McGee. He is also one of the last remaining original cast members, besides Mark Harmon and David McCallum. 

Starring alongside Murray, Harmon, and McCallum include Wilmer Valderrama, Brian Dietzen, Diona Reasover, and Rocky Carroll. New series regulars are Gary Cole and Katrina Law. The series’ 19th season is to premiere this fall.

Sean Murray’s Time As Special Agent Timothy McGee

During an interview in 2020, Sean Murray discusses his personal takeaway from his time working on NCIS.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I’ve taken away from this show” Sean confesses. “As an actor, I’ve been able to learn and practice a lot of things over the years. You get the time to find out what works for you as an actor and the more time you have doing that, the more comfortable you usually can be.”

Sean Murray also explains how his long-time co-star Mark Harmon’s impact has had on his career.

“An actor like Harmon that can help shed some light on somethings sometimes and help you if you’re having problems. Give me some perspective on things and I’ve learned a lot from Mark over the years. And I don’t mean in any way to make it sound like he’s an actor teacher. Just as a friend and as a comrade – as a very close friend and very tight workwise. We’re very close.

Sean then explains, “So, it’s even fun too because then the progression of the Gibbs/McGee relationship is also something that I’ve gotten to have with Mark as we’ve gone. Obviously, over eighteen years we’ve gotten very, very tight and we have a similar work ethic. We approach things the same ways in a lot of ways in terms of work and even personal and other things.”

Sean Murray Talks ‘NCIS’ Family

In regards to his other castmates and the NCIS crew, Sean Murray adds:

“Personally, I’ve gotten married and had two children just like McGee actually. I’ve never thought of that! So, there has been all kinds of NCIS I associate with a lot of things that have happened in my life. The cast you watch on the show were all at my wedding fifteen years ago! The perspective on it is kind of nuts and it’s unlike anything else that anyone has experienced in this business, with few exceptions. Being a part of that is amazing.”