‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Emotionally Explained How Cast was ‘Itching’ to See Each Other in 2020

by Samantha Whidden

They may be castmates, but the crew at NCIS treat each other like family. In a recent interview, long-time star of the hit series Sean Murray reveals that the cast actually missed each other during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

While chatting with Entertainment Inquirer, Sean Murray reveals that the NCIS cast was itching to see each other again.

“We wanted to get back to work, but we were also itching to see each other again. We’re a family at work. We love each other. So, when we’re not together for six months, it just feels weird. We’re not used to it.”

Sean Murray also says that the NCIS cast is only used to not seeing each other for two and half months during the summer. So, not seeing each other longer than that felt absolutely strange.

“I mean, it was important to have a very safe work environment put in place for us to do our thing but, just like everyone else, we were very antsy about being cut short just like that. We wanted to get back to work.”

Murray Opens Up About ‘NCIS’ Now Having More Than 400 Episodes 

While also speaking to the media outlet, Murray shares his thoughts about NCIS now having more than 400 episodes.

“It’s funny because it doesn’t feel like it’s been 400 episodes already,” Murray explains. “I’ve never gotten the feeling of it being slow or labored. It always felt like we’re moving and going forward.”

Murray also admits that he has done every kind of show since he started working at 12-years-old, so he has seen 50 different sets and he, as well as the other NCIS castmates, know they have a good thing going. “I don’t mean that in terms of ratings or any of that bull—-. I mean, it’s a nice place to work, and we care about what we do.”

Murray further states that NCIS’ popularity through the years has been insane.

“You go from job to job to job, and you’re lucky if that show goes on for a year. So it’s amazing to get to do a show that just jells,” he explains. Murray then adds that a lot of people in his line of work don’t get to do that, so he knows what a special thing this is.

Murray Shares Details About His Relationship With Fellow ‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon

While also describing his relationship with fellow NCIS star Mark Harmon, Murray states, “The relationship between McGee and Gibbs has always been like that of a father-son thing, but we’ll be exploring that quite a bit and see how that’s changed and grown.”

Murray also says that Harmon is his mentor and one of his best friends.

“One of the best work partners I’ve ever had. He means a tremendous amount to me. He’s got these qualities of a leader that have made the show what it is today. He’s our quarterback.”

NCIS is set to return for its 19th season on September 20th at 10 pm ET/PT.