‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Perfectly Explained the Grueling Process McGee Took Through the Team’s Ranks

by Megan Molseed

He’s the go-to tech guy and the aspiring novelist on the hit CBS series “NCIS.” However, when Timothy McGee joined the NCIS team, he was certainly the low man on the totem pole.

In early episodes, McGee’s gaffs would often frustrate “NCIS” team leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. However, notes Sean Murray, the actor who plays the quirky agent, Timothy McGee has evolved over the seasons. It’s this evolution, Murray said, that makes the character so great.

“McGee just got better at what he does over the years,” Murray said of his character in a recent interview with StarryMag. “There has always been a progression and evolution to that character, which makes me very happy obviously as an actor.”

“NCIS” Agent Timothy McGee Has Grown Since the Show Began

During the interview, Murray discussed how McGee’s growth over the years has helped the character develop a relationship with Gibbs. The leader of the “NCIS” team, Gibbs is often hard to please, and expects a specific level of decorum.

When discussing the relationship between McGee and Gibbs, Murray told StarryMag that he believes McGee looked at Gibbs as a sort of mentor. Murray went on to say he believes the effort was reciprocated, and that Gibbs was willing to try and take McGee under his wing.

“I think Gibbs is probably pretty happy to see McGee get to where he has gotten,” said Murray, adding that he believes, during the course of the series, McGee has grown in all aspects of his life.

McGee May Have Grown, But It Didn’t Happen Overnight

“McGee has slowly worked his way to being the senior agent on the team and he didn’t just happen to fall into that through circumstances,” Sean Murray told the outlet. “It took him many, many years. He got better at being an agent, what he does and what he excels in.”

The “NCIS” star added that he believes it is this growth that inspired Gibbs to eventually promote McGee through the ranks of the “NCIS” team.

“Gibbs is letting McGee know just how good he is at what he does and how much faith Gibbs has in him and how their relationship,” said Murray.

Murray feels that out of all of the characters on the hit drama, it is McGee who has changed the most.

“He’s gone from someone who couldn’t put two words together to someone incredibly good at their job,” Murray explained.

Currently, the”NCIS” senior field agent serves as the second in command. In the rare cases that Gibbs is absent from his duties, it is usually McGee who steps in as the stand-in leader of the “NCIS” team.