‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Gushed About What He’s Learned from Mark Harmon, Robert DeNiro and Others

by Shelby Scott

Sean Murray, who stars as “NCIS” Special Agent McGee, initially joined the show’s investigative team as a probationary field agent way back in season 1. He has spent nearly two decades on “NCIS” with highlight actor Mark Harmon. Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude the actor and character both evolved and observed a lot of different and useful things. During a 2016 interview, he shared the importance of learning from the “NCIS” icon. Additionally, he highlighted other A-list actors like Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

Much like McGee, who grew from “probie” to senior field agent, Murray evolved from his earliest role in “Hocus Pocus” (1993). His starring role as McGee on “NCIS” has further cast him into the canon of the acting industry.

He previously shared with Icon Vs. Icon‘s Jason Price, “I have never really brought this up but I have been thinking about it. There is a lot to be learned from mentors. A lot of young people…tend to overlook that.”

For example, when Murray first appeared on “NCIS,” Mark Harmon was navigating the acting world as early as 1977. Comparatively, as the younger actor on the show, he definitely gained a lot of insight from the “NCIS” icon.

‘NCIS’ Actor Sean Murray Isn’t Shy in Sharing Lessons

However, Sean Murray has also starred alongside numerous other big-names in the acting world. He also said, “There is a lot to learn from people who have been around…I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and the best in the business and you usually take away something from all of them. I have worked with Robert DeNiro, Bette Midler, Leonardo DiCaprio, [as well as] Mark Harmon, in addition to plenty of [other] people.”

In working with a broad collection of actors, Murray shared there can be risks to meeting the industry’s iconic individuals. “What really sucks,” he began, “is when you meet someone you love and they are an a**hole.” While I imagine that to be accurate, he explained, however, that, “Luckily, I have been fortunate enough not to have that happen.”

Sean Murray’s character McGee is known for his sensitive nature and calm appeal on “NCIS.” Therefore, it’s definitely interesting to hear Sean Murray speak so callously of certain segments of actors. Regardless, he told the media outlet that following his regular casting on “NCIS,” “It felt like the family was working.”

That alone is interesting to hear. “NCIS” frequently highlights the importance of family, regardless of whether or not that family is blood.

Murray additionally said his roles alongside other, even more, longstanding and highly regarded actors and actresses, have given him an advantage in the long run of his acting career.

“There really is something to [the lessons],” he emphasized, “Stuff that will take you decades and decades to learn, you can get a little head start on sometimes from a mentor and that can be very helpful.”

Overall, despite our deep-rooted love and admiration for Special Agent Timothy McGee, we continue to admire the character’s actor more and more as we get to know Sean Murray better.