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‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Gushed About Delilah Actor Margo Hershman: ‘Always Loved the Dynamic’

by Anna Dunn
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 10: Actor Sean Murray arrives at the CBS, CW, Showtime Summer TCA Party at the Pacific Design Center on August 10, 2016 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

NCIS star Sean Murray has a ton of scenes with actress Margo Hershman, who plays his wife, Delilah, on the show. Murray plays the much-loved McGee, who has been on the show since the early days. He’s one of the few actors from the early seasons of the show who is still with NCIS.

Fans have gotten to watch McGee and Delilah’s relationship evolve over the course of the show. Even late into their relationship, the two got to have fun last season. It helps that Murray still loves working with Hersman.

“I love Margo Harshman. She’s fantastic. I’ve always loved the dynamic because it doesn’t exist outside of their relationship,” Murray told TV Insider. “There’s a certain way McGee is at work, and the way he approaches work, so I always enjoy when we see him on the domestic side.”

The nice thing about Delilah recurring so much over the years, is her character has really gotten to develop and grow as if she was a regular character.

“The Delilah character has definitely developed more and more over the years, and Margo is, I think, the most recurring character we’ve had with the exception of Joe Spano, [who] was in the pilot. We’ve been able to have a lot of fun with McGee and Delilah’s relationship without it being comical,” he said.

Hopefully, Delilah and McGee will make another fun appearance in season 19. McGee is going to be important for season 19, strictly because NCIS is essentially losing another familiar face. Apparently, Mark Harmon, who plays Jethro Gibbs, will be in very few episodes.

Sean Murray’s McGee Had to Climb Through the ‘NCIS’ Ranks

Out of all the character development that’s happened over the years, McGee has arguably changed the most. For Murray, that’s very fun for him as an actor.

“McGee just got better at what he does over the years,” Murray told StarryMag. “There has always been a progression and evolution to that character, which makes me very happy obviously as an actor.”

McGee started out as a sort of nervous kid on the show. The cybersecurity specialist slowly but surely starts to mature and become more confident.

“McGee has slowly worked his way to being the senior agent on the team and he didn’t just happen to fall into that through circumstances. It took him many, many years. He got better at being an agent, what he does and what he excels in,” Murray said.

And it’s true that it’s been many years. It’s been since 2003 to be exact. With Mark Harmon eyeing an exit, many worry that NCIS season 19 could be one of its last. However, it’s still one of the highest-rated dramas in the world, so CBS will be hard-pressed to end it. You can catch McGee and the rest of the remaining NCIS characters this Fall on CBS.