‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray’s Unique Hollywood Family Tree: Here Are the Actor’s Connections

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Since “NCIS” first aired, Timothy McGee has been an integral part of the cast. The character, played by Sean Murray started on the hit CBS series as a guest star in season one. He later became a member of the main cast by season two. 

Since he first appeared in the popular drama series, McGee has become a fan favorite.  It feels like the character belongs on the with the other dedicated agents. 

What may be surprising to many, is that Murray has a familial connection to the hit show, “NCIS” specifically, as well as other popular shows within the franchise. 

An ‘NCIS’ Family Tree

According to “CelebFamily.com” Sean Murray’s mother, Vivienne Lee wed television producer, Donald P. Bellisario in 1998. Donald Bellisario is one of the great minds behind some of television’s most popular shows such as “Kojak,” “Magnum PI,” “Airwolf,” and “Quantum Leap.” 

The famous producer was also behind the development of 1995’s “JAG,” which led to a few spin-offs. You guessed it! Donald Bellisario is a producer on “NCIS!” 

The familial connections do not stop there, either. Sean Murray’s brother, Chad Murray decided to enter the same business as his successful stepfather. 

Chad Murray is credited as a producer on some of the early “NCIS” episodes. The Murray brother is now a regular producer on the “NCIS” spin-off series, “NCIS: Los Angeles.” 

Acting is In Sean Murray’s Family

Murray’s mother, Vivienne Lee, was Donald Bellisario’s fourth wife so both Sean and Chad have multiple stepsiblings. Seven, to be exact. Two of these siblings have also been bitten by the acting bug. 

One of Murray’s step-siblings, Trojan Bellisario, is known for her role on the hit show “Pretty Little Liars.” Bellisario has also guest-starred on NCIS. She plays Sarah McGee, sister to Timothy McGee. Sean Murray’s step-brother, Michael Bellisario, was featured in one of his father’s earlier shows – and “NCIS” precursor, “JAG.” 

These aren’t the only family connections that “NCIS” actors seem to have in the series. Mark Harmon, who plays “NCIS” team leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs has recently welcomed a familiar face to his storyline. Harmon’s wife, actress Pam Dawber recently joined the show. Dawber’s “NCIS” character is a reporter who may be helping Gibbs solve something that has long been eluding the “NCIS” team leader. The character is likely to return for at least a few episodes next season. Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon have been married for over 30 years.