‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Revealed the Classic 1980s Film That Inspired Him to Act

by Kati Michelle

Sean Murray grew a following for his long-running character of “NCIS” Special Agent Timothy McGee. Although this stint can be considered one of the star’s most prolific roles, it might be interesting to know that the star actually caught the acting bug pretty early.

In fact, the star’s acting credits roll back all the way to his teens. From “Hocus Pocus” to “This Boy’s Life,” Murray has cultivated an impressive resume. He has also worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest OG players.

For example, Murray has called the following repertoire of people a fellow castmate at some point or another: Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bette Midler.

Murray On Where It All Started

In sitting down with Icon Vs. Icon, Sean Murray openly discusses his acting journey. Specifically, Murray addresses when and how we was inspired to make a spot for himself within the entertainment industry.

“As far back as I can remember, I was always a little performer. Whether I was doing book reports, oral presentations in class… putting on a show for my parents when they came home from work. I was always doing something. Performing and acting specifically is something I have always known I wanted to do as far back as I can remember.”

He proceeds to talk about how all his curiosity about the business culminated upon viewing a classic.

“It was the deal for me! I did a little bit of theater and dabbled a little bit in acting but what made me want to do it professionally was when I saw ‘Stand By Me.’ River Phoenix’s work on that film had a big impact on me and I would say is what made me want to pursue it more than anything. Luckily, I had a mother with a pretty adventurous, so she was down to give it a go and go on the adventure with me.”

Sean Murray’s Favorite ‘Stand By Me’ Classic Celebrates 35 Years

The Stephen King-based flick, “Stand By Me,” recently celebrated its 35th birthday last week on August 22nd. The film stars an impressive group: Wil Wheaton, Jerry O’Connell, River Phoenix, and Corey Feldman. Since its initial release, it has grown quite a cult following. Even Stephen King himself said it was one of the most successful and accurate adaptations of his work to date.

The flick follows a pack of inseparable boys and explores their youthful friendship in the midst of a potential murder-kidnapping. While uncovering the mystery, a lot is also revealed in terms of the boys’ family lives and moral compasses. “Stand By Me” turns the typical coming of age trope on its head. Think less “Sandlot” and more “Lord of the Flies.” Some people even attribute part of the inspiration behind “Stranger Things” to “Stand By Me.”

We can understand why Sean Murray attributes the inspiration behind his acting career to the classic. If there’s ever a remake in the works, we’d love to see Murray front and center.