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‘NCIS’: Why Sean Murray Said Season 18 Bombshell Was One of His ‘Favorite Things Ever’

by Anna Dunn
SANTA MONICA, CA - JUNE 09: Actor Sean Murray attends Heal the Bay's annual Bring Back the Beach Gala at on June 9, 2016 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Heal the Bay)

Sean Murray has been on NCIS for almost two decades, and the actor still gets surprised by the show. He recently talked about a big moment in Season 18 that caught him off guard.

Murray plays the NCIS cybersecurity specialist Timothy McGee. At the beginning of season 18, a shocking event occurs between McGee and his long-time work associate Gibbs. McGee rushes to an airport to stop a plane from taking off, but Gibbs shoots him with a sniper rifle.

“We’ve learned as a team that Gibbs can disappear and leave no trace of what he’s up to. In the past, it was like, ‘Where’s Boss? We don’t know what’s going on.’ Now, we know something’s going on. We don’t know quite what it is. We’ll try to figure [that] out,” the actor told TV Insider about the shocking NCIS episode.

“One of my favorite things ever is the culmination of that airport sequence that happens; we saw a version of it in the teaser for the [premiere]. When I read that scene, I immediately called my showrunner to say, ‘Am I reading this correctly?’ We haven’t seen anything like this previously. The Gibbs and McGee relationship is a long and complicated one, and obviously is much more complicated by the events that occur in that second episode and we definitely get into that.”

It turns out, Gibbs shot McGee as a roundabout way to save his life. McGee thought Bishop was on the plane that was taking off, but instead, there was a bomb and a villain waiting to detonate it. They had no way of telling him this, so when McGee approached the plane, Gibbs fired.

It was an incredibly intense way to kick off season 18. Now, the show is heading into season 19.

Season 19 of ‘NCIS’ Will Add Two New Regulars

If you liked Jessica Knight in the season 18 finale, there’s good news for you. Jessica Knight actress Katrina Law will return, this time as a series regular. Knight has already shown tendencies of being a loose cannon. She’ll go above and beyond to respect her teammates, even if that “beyond” is against the rules.

Actor Gary Cole will also join the series. His new character, Special Agent Alden Park, is a bit of a mystery. Production is being tight-lipped on the details of his character, but many speculate he’ll serve as a way to fill the hole that Gibbs has left.

Gibbs actor Mark Harmon is taking a reduced role on the show this year. It’s rumored that he initially wanted to leave completely, but has agreed to return for a few episodes this season. On top of Harmon stepping back, Emily Wickersham, who played agent bishop, has left the show. This means NCIS will look quite different in season 19.

Still, if you want to catch all the action, season 19 will premiere in the fall on Mondays at 9pm.